How to Trigger a Campaign Based on Scroll Percentage

Do you want to show your campaigns after the user has scrolled a certain amount down your webpage? Its easy to do this with our Scroll Detection rule. Use this guide to learn how to use the scroll detection rule to trigger campaigns based on the visitor’s scroll percentage.

NOTE: This guide will show you how to effectively use the Display Rule: After scrolling down ‘X’ amount.

What Is the Scroll Detection Rule?

The Scroll Detection rule lets you display your campaign based on how far down the visitor has scrolled on a webpage.

The Scroll Detection rule is a great rule to use by itself or in conjunction with other rules to ensure you are only showing your campaign to users who are actively engaged and interested in your content.

How to Use the Scroll Detection Rule

You will find the Scroll Detection rule under the When Should this Campaign Appear? section of the Display Rules.


You can set the condition to display based on percentage, where it calculates how far down the page to display the campaign automatically, or you can set it to display based on pixels where it displays after scrolling a set amount regardless of how long the page is.

Looking for more ways to show your campaigns at the right time? Check out our Exit-Intent feature!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does scroll detection work with AJAX Infinite Scrolling? Does it work with scripts that modify the overall page length?

A: No, due to the scroll detection’s dependency on calculating page length, any modifications to a standard page-length (such as the use of AJAX for infinite scrolling) will disrupt the usage of a scroll-detecting rule and thereby prevent the campaign from showing as expected.

If you want to use a campaign on a page with infinite scrolling or other custom scripts that modify overall page length, you should add an another ruleset with an alternate trigger, such as Time Delay or a MonsterLink.

Q: Why doesn’t scroll detection work when I also turn on Exit-Intent?

A: A single Ruleset is a set of AND conditions. This means that all conditions configured in a single Ruleset must be met before the campaign can load. Depending on your exact setup, if you add both of these rules in the same Ruleset, then the campaign can only show when you have scrolled the designated percentage AND move to leave the webpage.

If you want to have the scroll detection in addition your Exit-Intent, it’s best to have at least two rulesets, where the first ruleset targets a user on Exit-Intent and the second ruleset targets the user based on scroll percentage.