Debugging OptinMonster

We have answered thousands of tickets, and these are the most common bug scenarios we have found and fixed. Please review the following items below before submitting a support ticket as the solution to your issue may already exist!

Quick Tip: Use Cmd + F (or Ctrl + F on a PC) to do a quick search for a term that may help you locate your bug and a possible fix.

Before You Start

When debugging OptinMonster, we would highly recommend using Google Chrome. They have a very helpful debugging tool that lets you know exactly where errors are occurring and the nature of them. When in Google Chrome, you can do the following:

  1. Visit the webpage where the error is occurring.
  2. Right-click on the page and select the “Inspect Element” option from the screen popup.
  3. Once the debugging window has appeared, click on the “Console” tab to the right.

If there are any JavaScript errors on the page, they will be listed in this console area. The message output can be very beneficial for debugging OptinMonster.

Find a bug? Learn how to submit a bug report!

Having an issue with WordPress? Please be sure to check for a plugin or theme conflict.

Campaign Not Showing

The following are the most common reasons a campaign fails to load as expected:

The most common reasons the campaign is not showing on your site:

  1. No Embed Code – be sure you’ve embedded OptinMonster on your site where it should appear. In WordPress it is necessary to also publish within the plugin even if you’ve already published within the app. Be sure to publish the campaign as this screencast demonstrates.
  2. Caching – be sure to clear the cache after making any publishing changes. Similarly, if you are minifying, combining, or deferring Javascript through your caching or pagespeed plugin this can cause issues with OptinMonster. We recommend excluding our script from all modifications.
  3. Cookies – we use cookies to control how often a campaign can reappear to the same visitor. Try using a brand new Incognito window.
  4. Browser Extensions – sometimes extensions can interfere with OptinMonster. Try testing using a brand new Incognito window.
  5. Browser – some niche privacy browsers can prevent OptinMonster from loading. We support all major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera). Try testing using a major browser.
  6. AdBlock – an ad block tool you’re using has filters targeting OptinMonster scripts. The best solution here is to use our Custom Domains feature to serve OptinMonster resources from your own domain.
  7. Page Targeting – it’s possible that the Display Rules configured in the campaign builder and the Output Settings configured in the plugin are conflicting with one another. Reach out to support for direct assistance.
  8. Javascript Error – on your site any javascript errors could negatively affect OptinMonster functionality. Try resolving all existing errors on the site to see if that resolves the issue. If it persists, reach out to support for assistance.

WordPress Debugging

Helpful Documentation:

Non-specific issue, just not working in general

Be sure to check for a possible plugin or theme conflict before reaching out to support.

I have downloaded the OptinMonster WordPress plugin .zip file but it’s appearing as a folder in my Downloads. What do I do?

All you need to do is re-zip the folder so that you can then follow the installation instructions for installing OptinMonster. Your browser is probably set to unzip a file upon download. You can re-compress the OptinMonster file yourself (so it is zipped) and upload it to WordPress, install OptinMonster from your Plugins > Add New screen, or you can manually upload it using FTP.

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