Add Extra Fields to Your Campaign Form

OptinMonster makes it easy to create a fully customized campaign form to capture lead details from your site visitors.

In this article, you’ll learn how to add extra fields to your OptinMonster campaign form.

We provide several options for adding extra fields to your OptinMonster campaign, depending on the Email Service Provider you use. These options are outlined below.

Field Mapping

Field Mapping is a brand-new feature available for our most popular Email Service Providers. You can easily add radio buttons, phone fields, text areas, number fields, lists, and more!

For most users, this will be the simplest option for adding extra fields to your OptinMonster campaign form.

Supported Integrations

Field Mapping is currently available for the following integrations in OptinMonster:

Get started using Field Mapping.

Embed Form Block

Our Embed Form block allows you to add any form embed code directly to your OptinMonster campaign. This includes forms from platforms we don’t have direct integration with.

When using the Embed Form block, you will:

  1. Create the form using your Email Service Provider’s form builder.
  2. Add an Embed Form block to your OptinMonster campaign where you want the custom form to visually appear.
  3. Paste the form’s embed code into the Form Embed block.
    *Custom HubSpot forms must be edited following this guide to function correctly.
    *Custom Marketo forms must be edited following this guide to function correctly.
  4. Update the form’s embed code to track conversions, following this guide.
  5. Optional: Add custom CSS to control the styling of your form. Custom embedded forms do not automatically inherit the campaign’s template styling.

Get started adding a custom form using the Form Embed block.

Javascript-based forms are supported, however, a Javascript error in your form code may break your OptinMonster campaign. If that happens please be sure to reach out to support for assistance.

iFrame forms are supported, however, it is not possible to capture conversions, set cookies on submission (to control how long a campaign is hidden), or customize the appearance of the form with custom CSS. Whenever possible, we recommend using an alternative form embed option (HTML or Javascript) if one is provided.

WordPress Shortcodes

You can show a form in your OptinMonster campaign that you’ve created using a WordPress plugin.

Get started adding a WordPress shortcode to your OptinMonster campaign.

WordPress WPForms Block

You can easily create a WPForms custom form and embed it in OptinMonster using our WPForms block.

Get started adding WPForms to your OptinMonster campaign.