How to Add MonsterEffects™ Animations to Your Lightbox Popup

MonsterEffects™ is a signature OptinMonster technology that helps you catch visitor’s attention with animated effects. Using MonsterEffects™ with your Lightbox campaign will help catch your visitor’s eye and can help increase conversions. Follow this guide to get started adding MonsterEffects™ Animations to your lightbox popup campaign.

REQUIREMENTS: MonsterEffects™ are available with a Pro subscription.

See an example of MonsterEffects™ by clicking the link below:

Click Me to See MonsterEffects™ + Canvas in Action!

  1. Create or Modify a Campaign
  2. Choose MonsterEffects™ and Save

Step 1 – Create or Modify a Campaign

If you haven’t already created a campaign you want to apply MonsterEffects™ to, start there. Or you can modify an existing campaign from OptinMonster Dashboard by selecting the Edit button.

Choose Edit Action

Step 2 – Choose MonsterEffects™ and Save

In the Builder, navigate to the Optin tab.

Choose Optin Tab

Scroll down the Optin panel to the Display Effect setting, here you can choose the animation you want to set for your Lightbox campaign from the dropdown.

Choose Display Effect

The following animations are available to choose from:

  • No Effect (default)
  • Bounce
  • Flash
  • Pulse
  • Rubber Band
  • Shake
  • Swing
  • Tada
  • Wobble
  • Bounce In
  • Bounce In (Down)
  • Bounce In (Left)
  • Bounce In (Right)
  • Bounce In (Up)
  • Flip
  • Flip Down
  • Flip Side
  • Light Speed
  • Rotate
  • Rotate (Down Left)
  • Rotate (Down Right)
  • Rotate (Up Left)
  • Rotate (Up Right)
  • Slide In (Down)
  • Slide In (Left)
  • Slide In (Right)
  • Roll In

Finally, once you have finished with all of your edits, click save. That’s it! You have now added MonsterEffects™ to your Lightbox campaign!

Want to add a sound effect as well? See our guide on how to add sound effects to your campaigns!


Q: Can I add MonsterEffects™ to other campaign types?

A: No, it is only possible to use MonsterEffects with the Lightbox campaign type.

Q: Can I customize the animation speed for MonsterEffects™?

A: No, at this time it is not possible to customize the animation speed for any MonsterEffects™ animation.