Twitter for Lead Generation: 19 Clever Ways to Explode Your List

Are you using Twitter for lead generation, or are you wasting the potential of your social media followers? With 330 million monthly active users, sending around 500 million tweets daily, it’s a platform you shouldn’t ignore. Some people question whether Twitter is still relevant, especially with falling user numbers, and a decline in revenue. But ... Continue Reading →

9 Best Ways to Collect Customer Feedback on Your Website

Can you tell if your customers are happy, or are you just guessing? Guesswork isn’t good enough. According to Groove, every unhappy customer will tell 16 people about their issue with you, which hurts your reputation. Even worse, for every person who complains, there are 26 more who just leave, costing you business. This is ... Continue Reading →

Scroll Triggered Boxes: 10 Hacks To Boost Your Conversions

Are your scroll box campaigns converting as many visitors as they could be? Scroll triggered boxes, also called slide-in campaigns, can be incredibly powerful tools for converting engaged visitors into subscribers and customers. They’re a more polite, less invasive way of building your email list than intrusive popups. That’s because you: Don’t disturb visitors till ... Continue Reading →

10 Tips on How to Attract Your First 1000 Blog Subscribers

Wondering how to get more blog readers? A blog is an essential tool for marketing your business, especially if you’re just starting out. But that’s also the time when it’s hardest to get attention. In fact, sometimes it seems like you’re talking to yourself… and it’s so tempting to just give up. Don’t throw in ... Continue Reading →

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