How to Create OptinMonster Event Goals in Google Analytics

By connecting your OptinMonster campaigns with Google Analytics you can leverage the additional tools available in their platform, including Event Goals.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create Event Goals in Google Analytics for your OptinMonster campaigns.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin:

Create Event Goal

When you create an OptinMonster campaign and connect it to Google Analytics you can create an Event Goal to further track the ROI of your campaign.

To create an OptinMonster Event Goal in Google Analytics, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account and navigate to the Admin.
    Navigate to the Admin of your Google Analytics account to begin creating an event goal.
  2. Next, select the Account and Property you want to create an Event Goal in.
    The Property you select in this step must match the Property selected for this campaign in your OptinMonster Analytics panel.
    Select the correct Account and Property for your Google Analytics account.
  3. Navigate to the Goals section of the Admin for the Property you’ve selected.
    Select Goals in the Admin of your Google Analytics account.
  4. Select the  + New Goal button.
    Select the New Goal button to create a new Google Analytics Goal.
  5. Under Goal Setup, choose Custom, then select the Continue button.
    Create a Custom Goal in Google Analytics.
  6. In the Goal description field, give the goal a name.
    This will appear in the Goals screen for you to easily identify your specific goal later on.
    Enter a Goal description to identify your goal later on in Google Analytics.
  7. Under Type, choose Event.
    Set the goal type to Event
  8. Next, select the Continue button.
    Once you give your goal a description, select the Continue button.
  9. Google Analytics will prompt you for more information about your Event Goal.
    In this article, we’re going to track the conversion event for a specific campaign.
    We do this by setting the event Action as ‘Equals to’ conversion, and the event Label as ‘Equals to’ the Unique ID of your campaign.
    Your own event Label should match the unique ID of your OptinMonster campaign.
    Enter the Numeric ID of your campaign in the Label field of your Goal.
  10. When you’re finished, click Save.
    Once you've configured your Goal, select the Save button to finish the setup.
  11. You’ll be returned to the Goals screen in your Google Analytics Admin.
    The last step to complete before your goal will begin tracking is to turn on Recording:
    Enable Recording for your new Event Goal In Google Analytics.

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Does my Event Goal have to be configured identically to this guide?

Not at all, instead, you should consider this a starter guide to help you get familiar and comfortable creating your first Event Goal in Google Analytics.

In fact, you’ll want to customize your Event Goals to fit your specific needs, so this guide may not cover the specific Event Goal you end up creating in your own Google Analytics account.

Can I enter the title of my campaign instead of the numeric ID?

Yes, if grabbing the numeric ID doesn’t fit your workflow, you can enter the title of your campaign as the event Category instead.

If you use the title of your campaign in the Event Goal, any changes to the title in OptinMonster will need to be reflected in the Event Goal as well. It is important you name each OptinMonster campaig uniquely as well, with no identical titles unless intentional for your Event Goal tracking.
Can I track my campaign’s impression events instead of conversions?

Yes, simply change ‘conversion’ to ‘impression’ for the event Action when configuring your goal.

Where do I find the campaign ID to use in my Event Goal?

The campaign’s unique ID is shown in the Campaign Dashboard preview pane:

The OptinMonster campaign ID can be copied from the preview pane.