Old WordPress Customers Migrating to the New OptinMonster App

DEPRECATED: In May 2015, OptinMonster moved from a WordPress-only plugin (i.e.: the old plugin was deprecated), to a SaaS platform. This means OptinMonster can be used on any website, among other benefits. Read more about all the reasons we moved to a SaaS. With 4.0 updates to OptinMonster’s SaaS platform, in addition to 2 years worth of coding updates since the deprecation of the old plugin and transition to SaaS, it is now no longer technically possible to migrate.

Going forward, this means you will need to recreate your campaigns from scratch on the app. Our Getting Started Checklist for WordPress and 5.0 Builder Overview is your best place to start.

Did you know?: With OptinMonster’s Plugin, you can use our Advanced Targeting Rules to target WordPress Categories, Tags, and more. Learn how our WordPress Plugin and Display Rules work together.


Q: Will I need to purchase a new OptinMonster subscription to use the hosted platform?

A: If your subscription has expired or has been refunded, you will need to select and purchase the appropriate subscription to use OptinMonster.

Q: Do I need to use both the WordPress Plugin and the Display Rules?

A: Learn how our WordPress Plugin and Display Rules work together.

You will need to maintain an active subscription to use OptinMonster’s hosted platform.