How to Use OptinMonster’s Sub-Accounts

Would you like to allow additional people to work on your OptinMonster campaigns? Are you an agency who would like your clients to be able to view or work on the campaigns that will be shown on their site?

With OptinMonster’s Sub-Accounts, you can share access to your OptinMonster account in just a few minutes.

What are Sub-Accounts?

Sub-accounts in OptinMonster grant varied and controlled access to coworkers and / or clients to certain aspects of your OptinMonster account.

Depending on the User Role you grant your sub-account users, the user may only have access to view campaigns, or they could have full administrator privileges and edit every campaign for every website and integration connected to your OptinMonster account.

What are the Different User Roles of Sub-Accounts?

OptinMonster offers a variety of User Roles, where you can then apply those roles to single or multiple domains and integrations already connected to your OptinMonster account.

  • Viewer: Can view, but not make changes to, campaigns for a specific website(s).
  • Author: Can create, but not publish, campaigns for a specific website(s).
  • Manager: Can create and publish campaigns only for assigned website(s).
  • Admin: Has full access and permissions for everything.

Where are the Sub-Account Users Listed?

If you would like to add a sub-account go to the Dashboard first and then click the arrow next to the user icon at the top right.

01 - Select My Account Dropdown

Then, click on My Account.

02 - Select My Account Option

Next, navigate to the Sub-Accounts page by selecting the link from the sub-menu of your Dashboard.

Sub Accounts Menu

From here you will see the list of users on your account and you will be able to manage your sub-accounts.

Sub Accounts List

How to Add a Sub-Account?

First, you need to go to your Sub-Accounts menu.

To add a new sub-account user, click Invite a User.

Invite User

Next, fill out the fields related to the Sub-Account User Role you desire.

User Fields

Note: different User Roles require different fields to be filled out.

Click Send Invite and your finished!

Send Invite

Your sub-account user will now receive an email where they can create a password for their sub-account and you’re good to go.

How Can I Change a Sub-Account User Role?

If you are on your Sub-Accounts menu, you can modify a sub-account user’s role and access by locating the sub-account user in question and clicking the Edit button.

Edit User

Your next view will allow you to change the user role, and / or modify the user’s access within his or her current role.

Edit User Details

Save Changes and your user’s role has been updated.

How Can I Remove a Sub-Account?

First, you need to go to your Sub-Accounts menu.

To remove a Sub-Account, you need to clarify if you would like to:

  1. Revoke Access
  2. Delete the User

If you decide to Revoke Access then you will remove all of the sub-account user’s privileges in relation to your account, but their information will remain in your OptinMonster sub-account menu. This can be helpful if you would like to offer temporarily access to another person for input on designs, or clients for whom you do short-term work with.

If you decide to Delete the User from your account, then the user’s information will be entirely removed from your account. However, you can later re-add that person at a later point in time.

How to Revoke Access

If you are on the Sub-Accounts menu, locate the user and click Revoke Access.

Revoke Access

A confirmation dialog box will appear. Once you confirm, the user’s access has been disabled.

You can easily change this by clicking Enable Access again for that user.
How to Delete a User

If you are on the Sub-Accounts menu, locate the user and click Edit.

Edit User

Scroll to the bottom of the next page and click Delete User.

Delete User

A confirmation box will appear. Once you confirm the deletion then you sub-account user is completely removed from your account.

How Can I get More Sub-Accounts

If you need more sub-accounts, you can add additional users in the Billing tab of your account.


Q: If I have a grandfathered-in Pro Subscription, how can I get more sub-accounts?

A: If you are a grandfathered-in Pro user, then you have 2 sub-accounts. If you require more sub-accounts, you should purchase a new subscription such as a new Pro subscription or a Growth subscription.

Q: I am a sub-account user. Why can’t I see a campaign, integration, or site?

A: The person who owns the OptinMonster account to which you are a sub-account user of has either:

  • Revoked your access to his or her account
  • Has let their OptinMonster subscription expire

In this situation, it is best to contact the owner of the OptinMonster account where you were a sub-account user and see if they can grant you access once more.