How to Use Google reCAPTCHA to Prevent Spam

OptinMonster makes it easy to use Google reCAPTCHA to prevent spam submissions with your optin campaigns.

In this article, you’ll learn how to connect Google reCAPTCHA with OptinMonster.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin:

  1. You’ll need to create a Google reCAPTCHA account to use this feature.
  2. Google reCAPTCHA can be added to any domain registered in your OptinMonster account.

Connect Google reCAPTCHA

To prevent spam submissions through your optin campaigns you can use Google’s reCAPTCHA service.

To use Google’s reCAPTCHA service, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Google reCAPTCHA account and register a new site to use reCAPTCHA on.
    Register a site with Google reCAPTCHA
  2. Once registered you’ll be provided with a Site Key and a Secret Key.
    Google reCAPTCHA keys
  3. Next, in your OptinMonster account open the Site Management page and edit the domain you want to add Google reCAPTCHA to.
  4. In the Site edit screen, add the Site Key and Secret Key you were provided with by Google in Step 2 to the corresponding fields.
    Edit site to add Google reCAPTCHA keys
  5. When you’re finished, click Save.
  6. No further configuration is required, reCAPTCHA will just work once configured according to the steps above.