How to Duplicate a Campaign

Do you have a great campaign that you want to use as a template? It’s easy to make copies of your OptinMonster campaigns! This doc will show you how to create a duplicate campaign to refresh your Google Analytics stats or run a different referral campaign.

IMPORTANT: Any legacy campaigns created using the old builder cannot be duplicated as they have been phased out. All our templates, however, are reproducible in the Drag and Drop builder so you can use one of those templates and modify it as needed, and then duplicate that so that you can migrate to the new builder for better flexibility and compatibility.

After you log into your account, then you should be on your dashboard of campaigns. Click the three dots beside the campaign you want to duplicate and you should get a box of options showing up.

Duplicate Campaign

Click the Duplicate button to duplicate your campaign.

The next screen should show your duplicate campaign. From there you can make any changes you need to the design or display rules.

Did you know you can easily split-test campaigns with OptinMonster to help you increase conversions? Check out our documentation to learn how to split test your campaigns.