How to Hide Slide-In Completely When Minimized

By default some Slide-In campaign templates will appear with a minimized text header before it opens based on the Configuration settings, or when the visitor has selected the close icon.

If you want to hide this minimized header completely, you can add the following CSS to the Custom CSS field in the Campaign Builder; be sure to update the following example to use the unique slug and namespace of your own campaign.

html div#om-UNIQUE_OPTIN_SLUG .NAMESPACE-slide-closed { 
   display: none !important; 
NOTE: new to using OptinMonster’s Custom CSS tool? Learn How to Use OptinMonster’s Custom CSS Tool to get started customizing your campaigns with CSS.
Which themes have a minimized state? Which themes disappear completely when closed?

Some themes have a minimized state and can be toggled, while others will hide completely when the user closes them.

Toggled Slide-In Themes are:

  • Converse
  • Drop
  • Firm
  • Gourmet

No-Toggle Slide-In Themes are:

  • Black Friday
  • Estate
  • Flatland
  • Metro
  • Postal
  • Spooktacular