How to Enable the Minimized State for Slide-In Campaigns

Want to keep your Slide-In campaign in the bottom of the screen when the user closes it? It’s easy with the minimized state settings! See our guide below on how to adjust and enable the minimized state for your Slide-In campaigns.

  1. Create or Modify a Campaign
  2. Enable Minimized State
  3. Adjust Minimized Settings

Step 1 – Create or Modify a Campaign

Create a new campaign or modify an existing campaign from OptinMonster Dashboard. Open the OptinMonster Builder by selecting the Edit link.

Edit Campaign

Step 2 – Enable Minimized State

Go to the Slide Settings panel.

Slide Settings Panel

Enable the Slide Toggle option.

Enable Slide Toggle

Step 3 – Adjust Minimized Settings

You will now see options for configuring your toggle settings.

Load toggled Open

If enabled, this option will expand the campaign automatically and only show the minimized state if the user goes to close the campaign.

Load Toggle Open

Automatic Open Delay

If the campaign is not set to load open in the previous setting, the campaign will load in its minimized state. From there, you can optionally set it to expand automatically after a certain number of seconds using the slider.

Automatic Toggle Delay

NOTE: If you set the automatic open delay to 0 seconds, the campaign will always show minimized unless the user specifically opens the campaign.
Text of Collapsed Toggle

This is the text that will display when the campaign is minimized.

Collapsed Toggle Text

Styling for Closed Slide Text

Minimized Text Styling

Here you can adjust the text styling for the minimized state.

Styling for Closed Slide Container

Minimized Container Styling

Similar to the text styling, you can adjust the display of the minimized container, including background color, border, etc.

Styling for Closed Slide Button

Slide In Closed Button Styling

Similar to the text styling, you can adjust the display of the toggle button, color, size, etc.

Once you have finished adjusting the minimized styling, make sure to save your campaign.

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