How to Add Your Affiliate Link to the ‘Powered by OptinMonster’ Link

Following this guide you can easily add your OptinMonster affiliate link to the ‘Powered by OptinMonster’ link to get credit when referring customers to OptinMonster!

  1. Go to Your Account’s Site’s Page
  2. Edit a Domain
  3. Paste Your Affiliate Link
  4. FAQs

Step 1 – Go to Your Account’s Site’s Page

You can locate your Sites page if you are on your dashboard and you click the User Icon, and click My Account.

Next, select Sites from the sub-menu that appears.


On this page, you can see all of the sites that are connected to your account.


Step 2 – Edit a Domain

Scroll through your list of connected sites to identify the site you would like to edit. Click its respective Edit button.


You will be redirected to a new page where you will find the site’s information for its internally used title, its domain, and additional information, such as the Affiliate Link input box.

On this screen, paste your affiliate link in the appropriate field and save the changes.

Add your OptinMonster Affiliate LInk

That’s it! Now your affiliate link will be used for the ‘Powered by OptinMonster’ link when enabled to display with your optins!



Q: I’m not an affiliate yet, how do I sign up?

A: Join our affiliate program by visiting

Q: Do I need to do this for each domain in my account?

A: You’ll need to repeat these steps for each domain your affiliate application has been approved for and you wish to use your affiliate link on.

Q: How do I enable the ‘Powered by OptinMonster’ link for my optin?

A: You can enable the link by following our How to Disable the Powered by OptinMonster Link guide, enabling the option instead of disabling it.

Q: What types of optins can I enable the ‘Powered by OptinMonster’ link on?

A: All optin types except Floating Bar and Slide-In support enabling the Powered by OptinMonster link.