How to Complete a Conversion Rate Audit in 9 Simple Steps

You know the problem with most conversion optimization guides out there? They all give generic tips and tricks that SOMETIMES work to give you a quick conversion boost. But they never address the root of the problem – and they’re not tailored to your audience. What if you want to get deeper into the conversion ... Continue Reading →

9 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins to Get More Conversions

In this article, we’re going to share our picks for the 9 best WordPress forms plugins on the market so you can create awesome WordPress forms that improve engagement, lower bounce rate, and increase conversions on your site. How do they do all that? Mostly by giving visitors a user-friendly way to contact you without ... Continue Reading →

How to Increase Your Mobile Conversion Rate (19 Proven Methods)

Is your mobile conversion rate lagging behind conversions from visitors on desktop computers? You can’t afford to ignore your mobile users, whose numbers increase daily. That’s because mobile is a key channel for people researching your products and services, and connecting with your company. The latest research shows that 70% of media time and 79% ... Continue Reading →