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[Announcement] Get Better Conversions with these NEW Fields and Field Mapping!

Tuesday April 11, 2023
The way the game of lead generation is played has changed. So, if you’re still just snagging email addresses or phone numbers, you need to read this. Growing email lists for the sake of growing them is no longer something that works. The good old days when getting an email was exciting are over, and […]

[Announcement] Increase Customer Lifetime Value and Profit With the New MemberPress Integration!

Tuesday March 14, 2023
Do you struggle to engage the members of your membership site? Confused about how to grow your online courses business? Our new MemberPress integration will help you do both. MemberPress is an “All-in-One” membership plugin for WordPress. With MemberPress, you can confidently build, manage, and track memberships, subscriptions and courses. It’s the best solution for […]

[Announcement] Increase Lead Quality with Field Mapping and These NEW Fields!

Wednesday November 9, 2022
Lead generation is more than just capturing email addresses. It’s about connecting with real prospects that have the potential to become paying customers. Businesses owners and marketers need to know and understand their leads. So when doing a lead generation campaign, the focus should be on gathering as much information as possible about your audience… […]

[Announcement] Boost Website Engagement with Smart Blocks and New Templates

Tuesday October 18, 2022
Marketing experts are constantly preaching that capturing attention is vital. We agree. However, getting eyeballs on your ads or traffic on your website is not enough. In fact, that’s the bare minimum. In a world where most markets are saturated, the goal of the “marketing game” is to KEEP attention. If you have visitors on […]

[Announcement] Improve Lead Generation with the new WPForms Integration

Tuesday August 16, 2022
Marketing is all about testing. Trying different strategies and tactics to see what makes people take action in a favorable way for your company. The more you test, the better you’ll understand how to persuade your audience. However, a lot of companies don’t know what to test. They don’t know what they should try in […]

[Announcement] Increase Sales with OptinMonster’s Easy Digital Downloads Integration

Tuesday July 19, 2022
The vast majority of businesses selling digital products or services online are leaving money on the table. Potential sales that could double their revenue in a matter of weeks. Money they have no clue about… hidden in plain sight. They could tap into this additional income with close to zero investment, just by changing the […]

[Announcement] Improve Email List Quality, Increase Engagement, and Stop Spam Attacks with Lead Verification

Tuesday June 21, 2022
Despite popular belief, lead generation is more about quality than it is about quantity. An email list of 1000 people can outperform and outsell a list of 50,000. Why? Because even though using email marketing as a channel of communication can easily turn into a numbers game… at the end of the day, you’re connecting […]

[Announcement] Track and Increase Your ROI with Revenue Attribution

Monday May 16, 2022
There’s not one successful company in this world that doesn’t create P&L (Profit and Loss) statements on a regular basis. A smart entrepreneur knows that each penny needs to be carefully tracked, because numbers say more than anything else in business. Numbers dictate decisions. A poor understanding of finance or a poor interpretation of how […]