OptinMonster Acquires Beacon Lead Magnet Creator To Help Small Businesses Easily Generate More Leads

OptinMonster Acquires Beacon Lead Magnet Creator To Help Small Businesses Easily Generate More Leads

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OptinMonster acquires Beacon Lead Magnet Builder

I’ve got very exciting news to share with you today, but first, a question:

If I said there was a simple way to grow your email list 600%, would you be interested in knowing what it is?

Of course, because you’re a SMART marketer.

Smart marketers know that one of the best ways to grow your list is by offering your website visitors a lead magnet.

A lead magnet is a valuable piece of content offered to website visitors in exchange for contact details, like an email address.

Here’s how they work…

  1. You create a lead magnet, usually a piece of digital, downloadable content, such as a free PDF checklist, report, eBook, whitepaper, video, etc.
  2. Your visitor gains access to the lead magnet by joining your email list.
  3. You deliver the lead magnet.
  4. You continue to build a relationship with that visitor based on the needs they expressed by opting in to your lead magnet.

Lead magnets are how Social Media Examiner added over 250,000 subscribers to their list in just one month, and how Nick Gray grew his list by 600%.

It’s a bullet-proof formula that’s proven to work.

But creating and delivering lead magnets can be a complex process. It involves copywriters to create the content, designers to make the deliverable look great, and developers to automate delivery.

Not to mention the endless collection of software it takes to do all of that:

  • Most small businesses cobble together Google Docs to write the content…
  • Adobe Illustrator or maybe Keynote to lay out the document…
  • Canva or Photoshop to create the included graphics…
  • An email marketing service like Mailchimp to deliver the lead magnet…
  • Plus a website to share the optin!

And before you can even start writing, you have to think of an idea for a lead magnet first! It’s a truly overwhelming process for most small businesses.

For years, OptinMonster customers like you have begged me to build a lead magnet creator that would simplify that entire process. Something that would let you easily create a lead magnet, then share it in your OptinMonster campaigns, on your website, in emails, on social… all of the places you already generate leads.

And for years, I’ve been quietly working on solving this problem for you…

Until today.

Welcome Beacon to the OptinMonster Family

I’m proud and excited to share that we’ve acquired the world’s best lead magnet creator, Beacon.by, as part of the OptinMonster family of products.

Beacon makes it easy for anyone to create and deliver professional lead magnets, without needing a writer, graphic designer or developer.

Here is a quick overview of the powerful lead generation solutions Beacon offers:

Lead Magnet Creator

Working with designers is great but when budgets and time are tight, it’s easier if you can create, edit and publish lead magnets independently. With Beacon’s Drag and Drop Editor, you can make stunning lead magnets without breaking a sweat by dragging and dropping elements onto the page.

With dozens of beautifully designed templates you can get started, then customize as much or as little as you want.

You can even create your own reusable templates to help reduce repetitive tasks like changing colors, fonts and uploading logos.

Beacon's Lead Magnet Drag and Drop Editor Makes It Simple To Create Lead Magnets

Don’t know what to offer as a lead magnet?

Beacon’s Blog Post Recycle will convert your best blog posts into lead magnets in just a few clicks. Work smarter, not harder by activating your existing content as lead-generation machines.

And if you don’t have any blog posts yet, sit back and let Beacon’s AI Copywriter write your lead magnet for you!

Instantly convert blog posts into lead magnets by pasting the web address with Beacon

Resource Library

If you’re like most businesses, your marketing resources are scattered everywhere. Your content team adds lead magnets to your blog, while Sales shares white papers via email, and Customer Success shares case studies through your help desk. Your best conversion tools end up scattered and underutilized as a result.

The truth is, if leads can’t find your best resources at the moment they need them, they may as well not exist.

But trying to build your own Resource Library is a pain!

Creating a separate landing page for each resource is time consuming, and setting up a custom library search involves developers who are expensive.

Beacon simplifies everything with its Resource Library.

Beacon makes it easy to create and publish Resource Libraries

Easily create and publish robust Resource Libraries that funnel leads to your email list based on the resource they downloaded.

Embed your Resource Library on your website, or share it directly from Beacon.

Use Beacon’s Analytics to learn which resources are performing best then optimize those assets…

All without needing a developer or designer.

What’s Coming Next?

Here at OptinMonster, our mission is to help small businesses grow and compete with the big guys. We think every small business deserves access to the same powerful lead generation tools that giant corporations use, but at a price you can afford.

While I have some ideas and features I’d like to add in Beacon, including a deep integration with OptinMonster itself, it’s already a fantastic product that will help grow your lists, leads and sales even now.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketer, I think you should give Beacon a try today. It’s free to get started at beacon.by.

As always, I want to thank you for your continued support of OptinMonster.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to help your business grow, and appreciate the trust you place in me and my team.

Just as you have come to love OptinMonster, I’m sure you will love Beacon just as much.


To your success,

Angie Meeker
General Manager, OptinMonster

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