[Announcement] OptinMonster Introduces AI Popups with Smart Optimizations for a Higher Conversion Rate

If you want better results, whether that’s more leads, more email subscribers, or more sales, OptinMonster’s new AI Popups will get you there.

Marketing is all about communication, so it’s no surprise to know that one of the biggest factors that can make or break a marketing campaign is copy.

Bad copy will instantly put off prospects.

Good copy will make them excited to take action.

That being said, writing good copy is not always easy, especially as a small business owner.

It might not be something that aligns with what you normally do in your day to day activities.

Or you might not have the time or energy needed to think, plan, and then write effective headlines, slogans, calls to action and other pieces of copy for your OptinMonster campaigns.

We get that, so we found a way to solve this problem for you.

Introducing OptinMonster’s AI Popups with Smart Optimization (It’s FREE)

With the new OptinMonster’s AI Popups with Smart Optimizations, you’ll be able to improve any piece of copy in your campaign with the click of 2 buttons.

Here’s how it works:

You go to any text field in your campaign builder, and click on the button to improve the copy inside of that field.

OptinMonster AI Integration

A modal will open with details including the text that will be improved by a Smart Optimization. When you’re ready to proceed, click on the Start Smart Optimization button.

OptinMonster AI Integration

The AI popup will improve the copy, just like an expert copywriter would.

You’ll instantly get 5 different variations for your text, and you can choose to continue with any one of them, or refresh to see additional options.

OptinMonster AI Integration

When you find the perfect piece of copy for your AI popup, you just select it and it will automatically transfer to the text field you initially chose.

That’s it.

This process works for any type of text, of any length.

We wanted to make sure you can benefit from this new feature in a way that’s straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of time investment from your part.

That being said, as you start using our AI popups, you might be faced with a dilemma. How can you know what piece of copy is good copy?

That’s a fair question to ask, and we have an answer for you, as well as a few great resources you can use to improve your campaigns, and also become a better marketer overall.

First, we programmed the AI with knowledge from our team of veteran experts, and they have decades of combined experience in creating and publishing successful OptinMonster campaigns. When we say successful, we mean campaigns that convert website visitors into leads, and leads into sales.

This means the variations you will receive from the AI popup will have a higher chance of converting, as they’re written using time-tested and proven copywriting principles.

Second, we put together a list of guides and articles to help you develop your copywriting eyes. As you learn more about what makes a piece of copy good, you’ll be able to spot exactly what you need for the type of OptinMonster campaign you want to create.

And third, our Customer Success team is always available to offer you support and clarity anytime you’re stuck or have a problem to deal with.

But that’s not all.

In addition to our AI Popups, we’ve worked on improving your OptinMonster experience even more.

Better and Faster Campaign Delivery

We spent the last half of 2023 improving the one thing that’s most vital in today’s marketing landscape.


Speed of implementation is often much more important than perfection when it comes to delivering a marketing campaign to a specific market.

Those who implement campaigns faster and with less friction tend to get better results.

This is true for OptinMonster campaigns, and also for other types of marketing strategies that use different distribution channels.

So, without boring you with too many technical details, we’ve:

  1. Updated to faster servers. This allows us to serve more campaigns, at a faster rate than before. The already short downtime we had was cut even more.
  2. Updated to a better, improved, and faster PHP version… which again helps us deliver your OptinMonster campaigns at record speeds.

This means your website visitors will get to engage with your campaigns quicker, which means more visitors will get to interact with your campaigns, and a higher engagement rate inevitably leads to a higher conversion rate.

In short, more speed = more conversions.

On top of all this, we also added additional layers of security thanks to the implementation of brand new technologies. We’re always on the lookout for ways to make OptinMonster better, and we don’t shy away from investing in the best there is on the market when it comes to security, experience, product development and customer success.

Our users come first.

We care about YOUR SUCCESS, and introducing AI Popups with Smart Optimizations is only the beginning. 

We’re constantly working on creating new ways for you to grow your email list, generate leads, and increase sales. Whether that’s updating existing solutions, or building new ones.

We have dozens of high-converting features, hundreds of campaign templates, and the best customer service team in the entire market.

And more updates are in the process of coming out.

So if you have a website that gets 15,000+ pageviews per month, you’re just one click away from getting a crazy good ROI.

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