How to Use OptinMonster’s Smart Success Feature

Do you want to replace your campaign form with a message or special content for viewers who have already opted in? OptinMonster makes this easy with our Smart Success feature. In this guide, we’ll show you how to set your success messages to automatically display to visitors who have already subscribed.

REQUIREMENTS: Smart Success is available with a Growth subscription.
  1. Create or Modify a Campaign
  2. Configure a Success View
  3. Create Success Ruleset

Step 1 – Create or Modify a Campaign

From the OptinMonster Dashboard, open the Builder by selecting the Edit link.

Edit Campaign

Step 2 – Configure a Success View

In the Design tab, select the Success view.

Edit Success View

Using the Drag and Drop Builder, configure the Success view to look the way you want.

Step 3 – Create Success Ruleset

Edit the first ruleset. Under Conditions, set the condition to visitor has opted in to “campaign name” where “campaign name” is the name of the current campaign.

Opted In Condition

Under Actions, set the action to show the campaign view Success.

Show Success View Action

Finally, create a second ruleset where you can configure the display rules for how and when you want the campaign to appear to visitors who have not opted in yet.

Add Ruleset

IMPORTANT: Remember to make the Success ruleset the first ruleset so that it will have priority.

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