How to Target Visitors Based on Page Views

Do you want to show your campaigns after the user has viewed a certain number of pages? Its easy to control this with our Page View rule.

NOTE: This guide will show you how to effectively use the Display Rule: Visitor has viewed ‘X’ pages.

What is the Page View Rule?

The Page View rule lets you display your campaign based on how many pages the visitor has viewed on your website. When your website first loads, it starts counting the number of pages the visitor has viewed until they either leave or reach the number you set in the settings.

With the Page View rule, you can:

  • Set a campaign to only show to users who have viewed a certain number of pages on your site.
  • Use the rule in combination with another rule, like Exit-Intent to show your campaign when someone is leaving quickly, such as after viewing less than 2 pages.

How to Use the Page View Rule

You will find the Page View rule under the Who should see the campaign? section of the Display Rules.


Looking for more ways to show your campaigns at the right time? Check out our Exit-Intent feature!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why doesn’t the Page View rule work in Chrome’s Incognito mode or Safari’s private browsing mode?

A: Due to how private browsing modes work, and the fact that they use local storage, OptinMonster can’t track page views in these modes.

If you are trying to test your campaigns, you can see how to clear OptinMonster cookies with query arguments.