How to Activate Exit-Intent® in OptinMonster

OptinMonster comes with the powerful exit-intent technology. Exit-Intent allows you to display your campaign at the precise moment when a user decides to leave your site. Using Exit-Intent with a lightbox popup produces great results and will dramatically increase your email list signups. Here is how to activate Exit-Intent in OptinMonster.

REQUIREMENTS: Exit-Intent requires a Pro Subscription.

  1. Create Your Campaign
  2. Enable Exit-Intent
  3. Disable All Other Options
  4. Configure Who Should See Your Campaign

Step 1 – Create Your Campaign

If you haven’t yet created a campaign you wish to enable Exit-Intent with, follow our guide to get started: Creating Your First Campaign.

Step 2 – Enable Exit-Intent

In the Builder, select the Display Rules tab.

Choose Display Rules Tab

Next, within the When should the campaign appear? section, select the On Exit-Intent panel to expand its view.

Select On Exit-Intent

Finally, activate Exit-Intent for your campaign.

Activate Exit-Intent

Step 3 – Disable All Other Options

In the same When should the campaign appear? section, be sure to disable all other options if you want your campaign to load only on Exit-Intent.

Important: Enabling Exit-Intent for a campaign will only ignore your Time Delay and/or Scroll Percentage IF both of those are inactive. If you activate another trigger rule, then all conditions must be met before the campaign will appear.

EXAMPLE: An Exit-Intent campaign that also has a 5 second time delay will not show the campaign when one tries to exit unless the visitor has already spent 5 seconds on the page.

Step 4 – Configure Who Should See Your Campaign (optional)

If you haven’t already, now is a good time to configure where your campaign should load under the Who should see the popup appear? section.

Who should see the campaign section

NOTE: Learn more about how to use OptinMonster’s powerful rules engine to control when and where your campaign should load on your site by reviewing our page level targeting documentation.


Q: What is the Exit-Intent Sensitivity Setting?

A: The Exit Sensitivity setting controls how far away from the top of the browser the user’s mouse must be before the campaign is triggered.

The Exit-Intent Sensitivity can be set to Low, Medium or High sensitivity.

Set Exit-Intent Sensitivity

For example, High sensitivity will cause the campaign to be triggered when the visitor’s mouse is further away from the browser than a Medium or Low sensitivity setting would.

Each setting correlates to a specific pixel value. When the visitor is that many pixels away from the top of the browser window with their mouse, the campaign will be triggered to appear. The pixel value for each setting is as follows:

  • Low: 1 pixel
  • Medium: 50 pixels
  • High: 150 pixels

Q: Does Exit-Intent work on mobile?

A: No. Exit-Intent cannot be enabled for our Mobile campaign type. Additionally, the Fullscreen campaign type which loads on all devices, will default to show the campaign on either Time Delay or Scroll Percentage when loaded from a mobile device.

As an alternative, you can utilize the Inactivity Sensor rule to trigger campaigns for mobiles devices. This rule allows you to show the campaign when a user has stopped all activity, including clicking and scrolling, for a given amount of time.

Q: How does Exit-Intent Work?

A: OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent Technology works by tracking the user’s mouse position and triggering a campaign as the mouse approaches the top of the browser window – indicating they intend to navigate away from your site.