How to Schedule a Campaign Based on Date and Time

Do you have a time-sensitive promotion that you want to run on your site? With OptinMonsters Scheduling rule, you can show a campaign during a specified date and time range that you set.

NOTE: This guide will show you how to effectively use the Display Rule: Based on the visitor’s date or time.

Requirement: The Scheduling rule is only available for those with a Pro Subscription or higher.

What is the Scheduling rule?

The new Date/Time rule allows you to schedule your campaigns which is essential for running special offers or holiday promotions.

Now if you have a Christmas discount, then you can create a campaign that starts and end on a specific date while you enjoy the holiday with your family.

OptinMonster Date / Time Rule

In addition, you can target a specific date and time with a time zone. What if you were running a special offer that you wanted to end exactly at 11 p.m EST? You can achieve that with OptinMonster’s Display Rule.

Timezone Rule in OptinMonster

How to Use the Scheduling rule?

You will find the Scheduling rule under the When Should this Campaign Appear? section of the Display Rules.


Time and Date Settings

Within the Based on the visitor’s date or time rule, you have three dropdown options, other than the actual date/time selector.

The first dropdown determines the time unit of the date/time selector. Your options are:

  • The Current Time
  • The Current Date
  • The Current Day of the Week
  • The Current Month of the Year

The second dropdown determines the window of time the campaign can show in accordance with the date/time selector. Your options are:

  • Is On
  • Is Before
  • Is After
  • Is On or Before
  • Is On or After

The third dropdown is the Timezone dropdown. You can set this either to:

  • The Visitor’s Timezone
  • Any other Timezone that exists (too many to list here)

Thinking about other ways to improve your scheduled campaigns? Consider running a split-test at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why Don’t my multiple Date Rules and multiple Time Rules work in the same RuleSet?

A: A single Ruleset is a set of AND conditions. This means that all conditions configured in a single Ruleset must be met before the campaign can load. Depending on your exact setup, if you add both of these rules in the same Ruleset, the resulting date and time combination you’ve added may not allow the campaign to show.

If you have any confusion, you can contact the support team for clarification.