How to Make a Campaign a Clickable Button or Image

Do you want to have a campaign that shows a single clickable image? Are you wanting to remove all form fields and just have an advertisement banner? This guide will help make it easy for you to create a clickable image campaign in just a few minutes.

  1. Create a New Campaign
  2. Add an Image Element
  3. Add Link to Image
  4. Remove Padding (Optional)

Step 1 – Create a New Campaign

Your first step is to create a new campaign. We suggest starting with the Canvas theme.

Canvas Theme

Step 2 – Add an Image Element

Add a single column block to your campaign.

Add Column Block

Add an image element to your campaign.

Add Image Element

Enable the Add a link to Image option.

Add Image Link

Set the URL for the image’s link.

Add URL to Image

Step 4 – Remove Padding (Optional)

Go to the image’s Block panel.

Block Settings

Set all the padding values to 0.

Block Padding 0

Then, click the home icon.

Home Icon

Go to the View Settings.

IMPORTANT: The view settings changes depending on the view you are currently editing. If you are on the Optin view, it will say Optin Settings, the Success view will say Success Settings, and the Yes/No view will say Yes/No Settings.

Optin Settings

Go to the View Styles settings.

Optin View Styles

Set the padding values to 0.

Campaign Padding 0