How to Integrate OptinMonster with Jimdo

OptinMonster can work with any website. The best lead generation tool works on Jimdo too! This guide will show you how you can integrate the power of OptinMonster into your Jimdo site.

  1. Create and Publish a Campaign
  2. Paste the Embed Code

Step 1 – Create and Publish a Campaign

The first step is to create a campaign and retrieve it’s embed code. See this guide on how to embed your campaigns on your site for a step-by-step walkthrough if you need assistance.

Step 2 – Paste the Embed Code into Your Jimdo Site

Login to the admin of your Jimdo site, hover over a section of the page where you want to place the embed code and select the + Add Element To begin adding your OptinMonster embed code to your Jimdo site you need to first select the Add Element link somewhere in your page.

From the options panel that appears next, select the Widget / HTML option.

Once you select Add Element, you'll want to select the Widget/HTML option.

The panel will then update to provide you with a text editor field, paste the embed code you previously copied into this field and select the Save button.

Paste the campaign embed code into the provided text editor field and Save.

If you’re adding an inline type campaign (After Post / Inline or Sidebar), you’ll add either the HTML Placeholder (if using a Sitewide Embed) or the entire Campaign Specific Embed where you want your campaign to appear on the page.

You’re all done! You can now navigate to the front-end of your Jimdo site and test your beautiful new campaign!


Q: What domain do I enter when creating my campaign?

A: When creating your campaign you can add the domain for your campaign to load on. This will allow you to view the campaign when previewing your site.

If your site uses a custom domain, you should also add your site’s custom domain (the domain used to reach the front-end of your site) in the Setup panel > Optin Campaign Website section of the Campaign Builder.

You can control which domains your campaign is allowed to load on by adding them to the campaign Campaign Website field.

Q: I have questions about how the Embed Code works.

A: If you have any questions, such as:

  • What domain do I enter when creating my campaign?
  • What’s the difference between the Sitewide and Campaign Specific embed codes?
  • I’m using the Sitewide Embed, how do I control where my campaigns load?
  • I’m using the Sitewide Embed, how do I control where on the page my After Post / Inline or Sidebar campaigns appear?
  • Does the embed code have to be pasted before the closing </body> tag?
  • How do Afterpost and Inline Campaigns work with Embed Codes?

All of the questions above are answered on our main Embed Documentation available here.