How to Integrate OptinMonster with BigCommerce

OptinMonster can work with any website and makes it easy to use with BigCommerce.

In this article, you’ll learn how to integrate OptinMonster with BigCommerce.

Integrate with BigCommerce

When you create a campaign in OptinMonster you’ll want to integrate with your website platform to display the campaign.

To integrate with your BigCommerce site, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your BigCommerce site, then select the Apps link from the sidebar menu.
    BigCommerce Apps menu link
  2. Next, select the large blue button to visit the BigCommerce App Marketplace. This link may open in a new tab.
    BigCommerce App Marketplace Link
  3. In the search bar enter “OptinMonster” to locate the OptinMonster app. Then select the OptinMonster app from the search results.
    OptinMonster App for BigCommerce in the App Marketplace
  4. A detail page for the OptinMonster app will appear and from this screen you’ll want to select the Get This App button to begin installing the app.
    Start installing the OptinMonster app on BigCommerce
  5. You’ll be prompted by BigCommerce to choose if you would like to install the app on an existing store or sign up for a BigCommerce account. In this article, we’re installing on an existing store so select that option.
    Log into BigCommerce
  6. In the next step, select the BigCommerce store that you would like to install the app on.
  7. The admin of your BigCommerce store will appear along with details of the OptinMonster app. Select the Install button to continue with the installation.
    Install OptinMonster App on BigCommerce
  8. The last step to installing the OptinMonster app is to grant the app permissions. You’ll be shown a detailed list of the permissions required. Select the checkbox to agree to the permissions request and then select the Confirm button to finish installing the app.
    Grant permissions for the OptinMonster app to finish the installation
  9. In the final step, you’ll be prompted to log into your OptinMonster account or start a free trial.
    If you’ve already subscribed to OptinMonster before installing the app, simply log into your existing account.
    If you are new to OptinMonster you can sign up for a 30-day free trial.Log into OptinMonster or sign up for a free trial
  10. If you choose to start a free trial you’ll be prompted to enter your details on the next screen to create an account with OptinMonster.
    Create OptinMonster account through the BigCommerce app
  11. Once you’re logged into your OptinMonster account you’ll have immediate access to your account and campaigns from within BigCommerce.
    OptinMonster account in the OptinMonster app for BigCommerce



How do I add Inline campaigns to my BigCommerce site?

If you’re adding an Inline type campaign, you’ll still need to add the HTML Placeholder where you want your campaign to appear on the page.

See our guide for more details on creating and embedding Inline campaigns.

What domain do I enter when creating my OptinMonster campaigns?

When creating your Campaign you can add the domain * for your campaign to load on. This will allow you to view the Campaign when previewing your site.

If your site uses a custom domain, you should also add your site’s custom domain (the domain used to reach the front-end of your site) in the Publish screen of the campaign builder.
Set Website