How to Use OptinMonster’s Geo-Location Addon for Advanced Lead Targeting

Looking to display specific campaigns based on the geographic location of your visitors? It’s simple with OptinMonster’s Geo-Location Addon! Follow this guide to get started geo-targeting your OptinMonster campaigns!

NOTE: This guide will show you how to effectively use the Display Rule: Visitors from a specific location.
Requirement: The Geo-Location Rule is only available for those who have purchased the Geo-Location Addon.

What is the Geo-Location Rule?

The Geo-Location rule let’s you target your campaigns to visitors who are physically in a specific region, from a country all the way down to a city.

This can be used to run promotions or give announcements that only affect those in specific areas of the world. It can also be used to display campaigns with different languages, currency, or text depending on where in the world the viewer is.

How to Use the Geo-Location Rule

Select the Display Rules tab.

You can edit the display rules for your campaign by first selecting the Display Rules menu item in the campaign Builder.

Scroll down to the Who should see the campaign? section and you’ll see the Visitors from a specific physical location option. Select this panel to expand its view. Then select the toggle to Activate the Geo-Location rule for your campaign to begin configuring the physical location you want to target or exclude for your campaign.

Expand the "Visitors from a specific physical location" section to configure your geo-location targeting.

Target or Exclude Physical Location

You’ll see a dropdown option which you can choose either “is” or “is not” from to determine whether your optin is targeted to or excluded from the physical location specified.

Select is or is not from the dropdown option to target or exclude a physical location.

Validate Physical Location

Next, type the name of the location you wish to target and select the Validate button.

Enter the name of the location you want to target or exclude, then select the Validate button.

A popup modal will appear on the screen providing possible matches to the name of the location you entered. Choose the correct location and select the Done button.

Choose the location from the modal and select the Done button.

Save the changes to your campaign, and that’s it, you’ve successfully geo-targeted your campaign using OptinMonster’s Geo-Location technology!

IMPORTANT: If you want to set a campaign to show in multiple locations, such as the United States AND the United Kingdom, then you will need to create an additional ruleset. For more information on this and how to create additional rulesets, you can see our ruleset documentation. At this time, there is no way to exclude multiple locations at once.

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Q: Why would I use OptinMonster’s Geo-Location feature?

A: Geo-Location allows you to personalize your campaigns based on your visitor’s location. Highly targeted campaigns yield higher conversions over non-targeted, general campaigns.

You can also check out some of our guides for more tips on increasing lead generation.

Q: How can I upgrade my plan to use Geo-Location?

A: Learn how to purchase the Geo-Location Addon to get started geo-targeting your campaigns!

Q: Can I target only the EU (GDPR)?

A: Yes, you will find an option to show / hide this campaign to members in the EU (those who are protected by GDPR).

Target EU Countries with Geolocation