How to Create a Campaign to Target AdBlock Users

You can use OptinMonster’s Ad-Block Targeting Display Rule to specifically show or hide a campaign to visitors using ad-blocker tools including AdBlock, AdBlock Plus and uBlock Origin.

In this article, you’ll learn how to target ad-block users to show or hide your OptinMonster campaign.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin:

  • Ad-Block targeting requires a Growth subscription.
  • OptinMonster is not affected by ad-blockers.
  • By default, your campaigns will show to all users. If you turn the Ad-Block Targeting Rule on, then it will only show to those with an ad-blocking tool active in their browser.
  • The Ad-Block Targeting Rule lets you specifically target visitors who are using or not using ad-blockers.
  • The ability to target users who are running ad-blockers is incredibly beneficial because it helps ensure that your ads are seen.

Configure Ad-Blocker Targeting Rule

Because OptinMonster itself is not affected by ad-block, you can use OptinMonster to send targeted messages straight to your web visitors who are utilizing ad-block.

When you are ready to use the Ad-Blocker Targeting rule, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Display Rules and select the Ad-Blocker Targeting rule.
  2. Next, configure this to show to users who have ad-block enabled or disabled.
  3. When you are finished, click Save.


Why would I need to use the Ad-Blocker Targeting Rule?

The ability to target users who are running ad-block is incredibly beneficial because it helps ensure that your ads are seen.

One of the main reasons people allow advertisements on their site is because the sponsors pay money for that advertising space. That money goes to maintaining the site (or it should!)

Therefore, if web visitors do not see the advertisements, the sponsors do not pay money out. If there is no money paid from the advertisement sponsor then there is no money to help maintain the site. If the site becomes too cost prohibitive, the site is down and the valuable resources being sought after by web visitors are now gone.

Can I protect my site from those using ad-block?

You could create a content blocking inline campaign.

Will my other campaigns conflict with one another when using an Ad-Block Campaign?

No, you do not need to edit your other campaigns. Your ad-block focused campaigns automatically will have a higher priority over your other campaigns.

Therefore, any active Ad-Block Campaigns will be loaded first and should get priority over your other campaigns.

My ad-blocker is interfering with OptinMonster.

Make sure your plugin is updated if you are using WordPress or your embed code is up to date if you are using any other site. We periodically make updates to ensure that we can continue to get around ad-blocking tools.