How to Purchase the Geo-Location Addon

The Geo-Location Addon from OptinMonster can be purchased separately for advanced lead targeting with any of our subscription plans. This means you can use Geo-Location functionality with a Basic, Plus or Pro Subscription!

To get started using Geo-Location with your campaigns, follow this guide to purchase the Geo-Location Addon.

  1. Edit an Campaign
  2. Choose Addon to Purchase
  3. Purchase the Geo-Location Addon
  4. Configure Geo-Location

Edit an Campaign

You will first need to create or edit a campaign of your choice.

Choose Addon to Purchase

Once the Builder has loaded, select the Display Rules tab.

OptinMonster display rules make targeting offers easy.

Within the Display Rules screen, locate the Visitors from a specific physical location item in the Who should see this campaign? section.

Select the Get This Option button on the right side of this item to place the Geo-Location Addon in your cart.

Select the Get This Option button to purchase the new Geo-Location Addon feature.

Purchase the Geo-Location Addon

As soon as you’ve completed the last step you’ll be directed to the checkout screen. Here you’ll see the Geo-Location Addon details. Go ahead and complete your purchase of the Geo-Location Addon.

Once you've added the Geo-Location Addon to your cart you'll see the price details on the checkout page.

Configure Geo-Location

Immediately after you’ve completed your purchase you’ll be able to configure the Geo-Location rule for your campaign! Learn how to geo-target your campaigns.