How to Reposition the Slide-In Campaign

You can easily reposition the Slide-In Campaign to the left side of the browser window using a single line of CSS.

Requirement: This guide presumes you’ve ready our CSS Guide and Understand OptinMonster’s Campaign’s Slugs and Namespaces. If not, please read the linked documentation above before proceeding.

To reposition your slide-in to the other side, you will need only a small amount of CSS.

NOTE: if you paste the code in the Campaign Builder’s CSS area, your campaign will be hidden behind the Settings Panels. Therefore, you should only add this line of CSS at the end of your editing, just before you save.
html div#om-{{id}} {
	right: auto !important;
	left: 20px !important;

Repositioning the Slide-In campaign to the left hand side of the browser is easy with a single line of CSS.


Don’t forget to save your campaign. You should be good to go.