How to Optimize Your Campaign Images

With OptinMonster’s drag and drop Builder, you can add an image to any campaign. To optimize your campaign images, it’s recommended that you scale the image you wish to use to the size it should be when it displays and then compress the image. Use this guide as a reference for optimizing your campaign images.

First, scale your image in an editor to the size it should be on the campaign. For example, if you want an image to cover the entire width of a campaign that is 400px wide, the image should be scaled down to also be 400px wide.

NOTE: If you want to ensure your images look sharp on retina displays, double the width of the image.

Then, compress the file size of your images using an image optimization tool before uploading to OptinMonster. The following tools offer lossless image compression:

You can upload larger images, but we recommend scaling the images to the specific size you need for each campaign to improve the loading time and performance of the images in your campaign.

Not sure where to find good images for your campaigns? See our post on places to find images for better conversions.