How to Hide OptinMonster from Existing Newsletter Subscribers

OptinMonster makes it easy to hide campaigns from existing newsletter subscribers.

In this article, you’ll learn how to hide campaigns from visitors who have already subscribed to your email newsletter.

Before You Start

Here are some things to know before you begin:

  • This article assumes that subscribers are reaching your website through a link in an email you’ve sent them.

Hide Campaigns

To hide campaigns from existing newsletter subscribers, follow these steps:

  1. First, set Global Cookies for the site your campaigns display on following our documentation.
  2. Next, you’ll edit all links that point to your website in the email newsletter you send to subscribers to add the query argument to the end of the URL ?omhide=trueFor example:


How does this work exactly?

The query argument added to the URL will tell OptinMonster to set a global cookie in the visitor’s browser to hide campaigns for as long as the Global Cookie is set to last.

I’ve added this to my URL but my campaign is still loading, why?

Check that you’ve set Global Cookie values greater than zero (0) for the site the campaigns are showing on.

Refer to the chart below to see how the global cookie settings affect the use of the ?omhide=true query string:

Success Cookie Duration Interaction Cookie Duration Result
0 0 campaigns hide for the user’s browser session
30 0 success cookie is set, campaigns don’t show for 30 days
0 15 interaction cookie is set, campaigns don’t show for 15 days
30 15 success cookie is set, interaction cookie is set, campaigns don’t show for 30 days

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