How to Hide OptinMonster from Existing Newsletter Subscribers

OptinMonster is by far the best way to increase your email subscribers, and our users love us for that.

One of the most common requests that we’ve gotten from our users is for the ability to turn off OptinMonster for those who’ve already subscribed to the newsletter.

Why Hide OptinMonster Campaigns?

Let’s say you add an OptinMonster popup to your site, and you already have existing subscribers. When they visit your site, they will be shown the popup again.

This makes no sense because that user has subscribed already. Sure they can exit it and depending on your cookie duration the popup will not appear for the specified number of days. But what happens after that?

Unless you set really long cookies, the popups can annoy your existing subscribers. Since a lot of our users send out daily/weekly newsletter updates containing links to their blogs, we came up with a solution.

How to Hide OptinMonster From Newsletter Subscribers

OptinMonster allows you to add a URL parameter to your newsletter links to hide your campaigns from existing subscribers based on the Global Cookie settings for your domain.

Step 1: Configure Your Global Cookies

The first step is to configure the Global Cookies for your domain to determine which cookies are set to hide your campaigns. If you haven’t already set Global Cookies for your domain, follow our Global Cookie documentation to complete this step.

Step 2: Add ?omhide=true to URLs

Finally, add ?omhide=true at the end of your URL links when you want to refer visitors to your site and hide the campaigns based on your Global Cookie settings configured in the previous step.

For example:

In your newsletter templates, simply add that parameter to your links.

Note: This will hide popup type of campaigns. Your Inline campaigns will continue to appear normally.


Q: How does this work exactly?

A: This query string will set either a global cookie based on the settings for your campaigns and site.

Q: Why do I need to have a Global Cookie set for this to work?

A: The omhide=true query string allows you to manually set a global cookie in the browser for visitors who may not have one already set. This may be the case for subscribers who subscribed before you began using OptinMonster on your site (or before you had a Global Cookie configured for your OptinMonster campaigns), or they may not have visited your site for a long time and the Global Cookie that was previously set in their browser had already expired.

It’s also possible that the visitor has done some action to manually or automatically clear the cookies from their browser since the last time they visited your site.

If they are reaching your site from a URL in an email newsletter you’re sending out, adding the omhide=true query guarantees that regardless of the status of their browser’s cookies no campaign will be shown to them and a new Global Cookie will be set in their browser without them having to re-subscribe through a campaign.

Without any Global Cookie set for your site, then the omhide=true has nothing it can add to your browser to prevent the popups from showing up for your email subscribers.

Q: I’ve added this to my URL but my campaign is still loading, why?

A: If your campaign is still loading when visiting a URL with the ?omhide=true query string you’ll want to check that you’ve set global cookies to control how often the campaign appears to your visitor.

Refer to the chart below to see how the global cookie settings affect the use of the ?omhide=true query string:

Success Cookie Duration Interaction Cookie Duration Result
0 0 campaigns hide for the user’s browser session
30 0 success cookie is set, campaigns don’t show for 30 days
0 15 interaction cookie is set, campaigns don’t show for 15 days
30 15 success cookie is set, interaction cookie is set, campaigns don’t show for 30 days