How to Add Sound Effects to Your Campaign

Do you want to add sound effects to your campaigns to get your visitors’ attention? With OptinMonster’s new sound effect feature, it’s easy! Follow this guide to get started with sound effects.

REQUIREMENTS: Sound effects are available with a Plus subscription.
  1. Create or Modify a Campaign
  2. Choose a Sound Effect and Save
NOTE: Sound effects cannot be added to Sidebar and After Post/In-Line campaign types.

Step 1 – Create or Modify a Campaign

If you haven’t already created a campaign you want to apply sound effects to, start there. Or you can modify an existing campaign from OptinMonster Dashboard by selecting the Edit button.

Select the pencil edit icon from your Dashboard to edit an optin you've already created.

Step 2 – Choose a Sound Effect and Save

In the Builder, navigate to the Optin tab.

Select the Optin tab in the optin builder to configure your optin's MonsterEffect.

Scroll down the Optin panel to the Sound Effect setting, here you can choose the effect you want to set for your campaign from the dropdown.


The following effects are available to choose from:

  • No Effect (default)
  • Ping
  • Pong
  • Flam
  • Arpeggio
NOTE: When you choose a sound effect, the effect will play so you can demo it.

Finally, once you have finished with all of your edits, click save. That’s it! You have now added sound effects to your campaign!

Looking for more ways to catch your visitors’ attention? See our guide on how to add MonsterEffects animations to your lightbox campaigns!


Q: Can I add sound effects to a Sidebar or After Post/In-Line campaign?

A: No, it is not possible to add sound effects to campaigns that are embedded in the page.

Q: Will adding a sound effect slow down my website?

A: No, OptinMonster uses modern browser APIs to make the sounds rather than loading in sound files. This cuts loading time significantly and makes the campaign lightweight.

Q: Do the sound effects work with Internet Explorer?

A: No, because OptinMonster uses modern browser APIs to make the sounds rather than loading in sound files, the sound effects will not work with Internet Explorer.