How to Create an Announcement Bar in Shopify to Boost Sales

Do you want to let more visitors to your Shopify store know about your offers and sales? An announcement bar could be the answer. An announcement bar, also called a welcome header bar, lets every visitor see your important news. Whether you’re telling new customers about your shipping deals or announcing a time limited sale, ... Continue Reading →

How to Boost Your eCommerce Revenue With an In-Cart Upsell Popup

Need an easy way to get more revenue from your existing eCommerce customers? With an in-cart upsell popup, you can automatically display a targeted offer to customers who are already buying and entice them to spend more. Upselling is proven to increase eCommerce revenue, with targeted product recommendations responsible for up to 30% of revenue. ... Continue Reading →

How To Gate Content For More Engagement And Conversions

You want to know the best way to make people more interested in what you have to offer? Take some of it away. Content gating does just that. What is gated content? It’s content that’s not openly accessible. Instead, you have to fill in a form to get access, as in the Hubspot example below: ... Continue Reading →