Do you feel like you have a great offer, but are frustrated that visitors aren’t opting in to receive it? The answer might lie in changing how your offer is presented. In this case study, we’ll show you how ATLAS Workbase used split testing on their call to action to increase conversions more than 1500%.

Meet Logic Inbound

Logic Inbound is a digital marketing agency focused on helping companies identify and execute on growth opportunities.

Logic Inbound Uses OptinMonster

Their clients include startups such as ATLAS Workbase, a premium shared workspace. Logic Inbound used OptinMonster to dramatically increase the number of visitors becoming members of the co-working facility.

How ATLAS WorkBase Increased Conversions 852%

When Logic Inbound started working with ATLAS Workbase, the primary call to action on their website was to schedule a tour of the facility.

Atlas Workbase used call to action testing to see if booking tours was the right call to action.

This exit-intent optin converted at 2.67%. Between two and three guests per week scheduled tours.

Logic Inbound knew if they could only get prospects through the door, they would likely join as members. However, the offer to schedule a tour didn’t seem appealing enough.

They suggested changing the primary call to action from “Schedule a Tour” to “Start Your Free Trial.” A three-day free trial would allow a guest to simply show up and start using the space, rather than having to first schedule a time for a tour.

Offering a free trial turned a visit to the space into a gift instead of a chore.

Logic Inbound introduced the free trial offer with another exit intent pop-up. Exit intent optins only show to visitors about to leave the website. Sharing a three-day trial pass with abandoning guests would be a good test to see if the offer itself was captivating.

By call to action a/b testing, Atlas Workbase discovered a free trial converted better than a tour.

They saw right away the free trial converted better than the tour offer. The optin above converted at 25.71%, an 852% increase over the previous offer.

Using Call to Action Testing to Skyrocket Conversions 1501%

Logic Inbound set out to split-test the free trial optin further, striving to improve conversion rates even more.

OptinMonster’s easy split-testing tool helps you eliminate the guesswork from testing and make data-driven decisions about what offers and optins work for your audience.

All you have to do is click on the split test button, and we will create a replica of your existing optin.

Make any changes you’d like to the duplicated optin, then sit back and wait for the results of your test to roll in. OptinMonster’s conversion analytics will even show you which optin converts best.

Since the offer had worked so well for visitors about to leave the site, they decided to test it as the primary call-to-action. Each call-to-action button on the homepage was replaced with a MonsterLink offering a free trial. A MonsterLink triggers an optin with the click of a link, button or image.

Atlas Workbase used MonsterLinks in their split testing.

When clicked, the buttons triggered this optin:

Atlas Workbase used MonsterLinks in their split testing.

The optin above converted at 27.08%. A small improvement over the exit-intent optin, but a hint that even better conversions were possible.

Logic Inbound continued its call to action testing. They reduced the number of days in the free trial from three to two, and also simplified the optin’s design.

Call to action a/b testing revealed a two day trial converted better than a three day trial.

The optin above converts at an incredible 42.77%, a full 1500% improvement from where they started.


Logic Inbound was able to dramatically increase the number of visitors to ATLAS Workbase, and boost the number of visitors who became members of the premium coworking space, which had a direct and significant impact on their client’s bottom line.

  • ATLAS Workbase increased conversions of website visitors by 1500%
  • ATLAS Workbase now sees 500% more in-person visitors than before using OptinMonster

When asked what they thought of OptinMonster, Logic Inbound said,

“This functionality is a fantastic value-add for agencies like us who want to test and retest on behalf of their clients to ensure optimal results. The ease of access for highly technical information that can guide strategy and dramatically improve effectiveness, combined with easy A/B testing, makes OptinMonster a great tool for agencies like us.”

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