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Does your website get a ton of traffic but not a lot of email subscribers? If so, you’re in the right place. It’s a waste of energy and resources when your website can’t convert. knew they were letting visitors slip through their fingers and wanted to make a change fast. They turned to OptinMonster …

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fundraised in 3 days

Does your website get a ton of traffic but not a lot of email subscribers? If so, you’re in the right place. It’s a waste of energy and resources when your website can’t convert. knew they were letting visitors slip through their fingers and wanted to make a change fast. They turned to OptinMonster to help them boost their conversion rates.

Meet is the leading Jewish content website, with an average of 1,000,000+ monthly user sessions and 260,000 unique email subscribers.

The website’s goal is to give every Jew the opportunity to enhance his or her Jewish experience in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect.’s impact has been far and wide. A recent survey found that 86% of visitors said that the website’s content has inspired them to do more Torah learning, and 75% said that has provided them with deeper Jewish Pride, expanded learning and a sparked interest in Jewish wisdom.

As a non-profit organization, relies solely on private support to continue providing its wide range of quality content. homepage

With the important impact the Aish team wants to make, they knew they needed to grow their email lists, promote upcoming events, and increase donations.

David Muller, senior manager of digital marketing at Aish, reported that before using OptinMonster, they were getting very few email signups for how much website traffic they had. Most of the time, they were getting fewer than 50 signups a week out of thousands of visitors. But he knew the potential was there for more.

“We have a lot of visitors coming to our site on a daily basis. A conversion rate of 5% when we have 25,000 daily visitors can bring us a lot of signups!”

Let’s see whether OptinMonster helped raise that conversion rate.

How Uses OptinMonster

To bring the best content from Aish directly to Jewish readers around the world, the organization launched a new campaign driving Whatsapp signups. WhatsApp subscription campaign

In just 7 days, the campaign was seen by over 90,000 visitors, with a conversion rate of precisely 5%.

The campaign’s design and call to action are simple but effective. This campaign targeted users who engaged with the website for more than 15 seconds.

And perhaps most importantly, Aish used OptinMonster’s display rules to exclude certain visitors. Specifically, visitors who were already email subscribers did not see this campaign.

Why would they do this, you ask?

Two words: User experience.

How annoying is it to be offered something you already have? Aish didn’t want to pester existing subscribers who were already getting content through email. So they used a unique UTM to identify visitors who clicked to a page from email and set display rules to hide this campaign from existing email subscribers.

They also left out visitors from New Jersey. Now, that’s not because there’s anything wrong with New Jersey! But they were running another location-specific campaign for that state and didn’t want to dilute that messaging or bombard New Jersey visitors with too many popups. geolocation campaign targeting New Jersey

To promote this local initiative, Aish used OptinMonster’s geolocation targeting to show this campaign only to visitors from New Jersey. Which makes sense, because it’s most relevant to those users.

With this precise targeting, the campaign netted a 5.15% conversion rate in just 30 days. Seder recipes promotion with category and URL targeting

For the Passover holiday, partnered with, founded by Aish’s CMO Jamie Geller, to grow both email lists.

This OptinMonster campaign targeted readers of Aish’s food-focused “Jewlish” category and was hidden from posts in the “history” category. Again, it’s not because history buffs don’t want delicious Seder recipes! But the history-focused posts had their own special offer that this promotion didn’t want to compete with.

This campaign has converted 5.97% of visitors in just a few weeks leading up to Passover.

Through these signup campaigns and others, started seeing 500+ email signups every week. That’s a 10-fold increase from before OptinMonster!

Finally, as a nonprofit, needs to fundraise to continue making an impact. They used split testing to try out different variations to make their fundraising campaigns as effective as possible. fundraiser split test version A

This version has a clear benefit statement and calls to action for donations. fundraiser split test version B

But not surprisingly, the humor of this version proved to be the winner.

OptinMonster makes it super easy to run split tests like this. Create new variations with a single click and automatically track and compare performance.

The results speak for themselves. “We ran a 3-day fundraising campaign, and the OptinMonster popup brought in over $18,000 for our organization,” says Muller.


With targeted messaging and display rules, was able to:

  • Gain 500+ new email subscribers per week, compared to less than 50 a week before
  • Convert over 5% of visitors on all active campaigns
  • Raise over $18,000 for the organization in 3 days


To get the kind of results that has seen, you need to think about your website from your readers’ point of view.

Just because you have a fundraiser campaign or special event to promote doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what an individual visitor is most interested in. Too many popups that aren’t relevant are distracting at best and a major turnoff at worst.

But when you match your offers to the needs and interests of your readers, you can skyrocket your conversion rate, just like did.

With OptinMonster’s advanced targeting and trigger rules, it’s easy to show the right message to the right reader at the right time. You can target campaigns based on:

  • Page or category visited
  • Geolocation
  • UTM tags
  • and much more!

Check out how PodBike also used geolocation targeting to grow their email list by 18.22%.

You can also learn more about geotargeting and how to use it for conversions.

I could not believe how many email signups we were getting on a weekly basis just from Optinmonster. It’s really a no-brainer for our organization. It is super easy to use and set up. Easy connections to our email marketing software and Google Analytics enables us to get a ton of data about our leads and easily integrate Optinmonster data into our broader marketing reporting. When it comes to organic lead generation for our organization, OptinMonster is the driving force.

David Muller, Senior Digital Marketing Manager,

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