How to Add ManyChat Chatbot to Shopify to Boost Sales

Are you looking for ways to increase communication with customers on your Shopify store? Or a way to nurture leads and boost sales in real-time? If so, then you may want to add a ManyChat chatbot to your Shopify store. Adding a live chat feature is a great way to improve user experience (UX) while ... Continue Reading →

How to Add a ManyChat Chatbot to Your WooCommerce Site

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Introducing Chatbot Integrations – Higher Revenue, Better Engagement!

Hang on to your hats, kids, because chatbots have arrived at OptinMonster. ? Chatbots have consistently been one of the most popular feature requests we get. And with good reason: Improved Customer Engagement. Chatbots help you build custom interactions with shoppers to provide personalized shopping tips based on their unique history. Marketing Funnel Guidance. Chatbots guide leads through every step ... Continue Reading →

How RocketBots Increased Their List 680% Using Onsite Retargeting

Does your SaaS product have a wide variety of features and benefits, each appealing to a different type of user or audience? In this case study, we’ll discover how is growing their email list by targeting those different visitors’ interests using OptinMonster. Meet is an AI platform that enables companies to manage, respond ... Continue Reading →