Do exit-intent popups really work? This is one of the common questions we get asked just about every day. If our previous case studies from Yoast and BiddyCo didn’t convince you, then this one surely will provide you all the motivation you need.

It’s about Ryan Robinson and how he increased his email subscribers by 500% overnight by using an exit-intent popup.

Exit-intent is a technology that detects your user’s mouse behavior and prompts them with a targeted message at the precise moment they’re about to leave.

Now you can imagine why this converts so well.

Before we get started, let’s meet Ryan.

Meet Ryan Robinson

At, Ryan Robinson writes about his experience of successfully launching four side businesses in the last four years.

He also teaches online courses for budding entrepreneurs to learn to do the same.

Ryan Robinson Uses OptinMonster

Before OptinMonster

Despite thousands of visitors to his site every month, Ryan’s list was growing slow.

He offered readers only one opportunity to subscribe for notification of new blog posts. It was an optin form at the end of each blog post.

As expected of a typical after post optin, his offer converted at about 1%.

Since we already know that over 70% of people abandoning your website will never return, this is a huge hole in any business’ conversion funnel.

Ryan suspected that a better lead magnet with more prominent placement would increase his subscribers.

Exit-Intent® = Instant 500% Increase in Conversions!

Ryan implemented an exit-intent optin using one of our pre-designed templates called BullsEye.

Since the BullsEye template allows you to upload custom image using whatever style you like, Ryan simply added an image of himself along with an invitation to receive more detailed, regular content delivered via email.

Using our native integration with AWeber, he connected this optin to his AWeber account and waited to see the results in our conversion analytics which is powered by Google Analytics.

Overnight, this optin began converting at almost 6%!

Ryan Robinson's Newsletter Email Optin

Basically Ryan was converting 6x more website visitors into email subscribers by creating a simple exit-intent optin which takes less than 10 minutes to build.

After seeing the success of the first optin, Ryan added several other optins to his site.

One of them was offering a free lesson in the psychology of selling which is just one of the nine types of lead magnets you can use to grow your email list.

Ryan Robinson's Freelance Proposal Course Optin

Since adding OptinMonster to his site, Ryan has added approx. 100 new subscribers a month to his list. He says, “They would’ve otherwise never returned to my site.”

He plans to add content upgrades specific to the content categories of his site which he can easily do using our Page-Targeting feature.

I can only imagine how high his results will be then because Content Upgrades work like magic.

You can learn more about how content upgrades can be used to increase subscribers in this case study from who increased conversions 216% in just one month after they had already tripled their growth once before.


Ryan added one simple exit-intent optin to his website and increased conversions 600% overnight.


Our exit-intent optins are simple to customize and easy to launch. In most cases when a user is done reading your content, they leave. With exit-intent, we allow you display targeted campaigns to the user such as an opportunity to:

  • Download a free eBook or Case Study
  • Sign up for a free product trial
  • Book a free consultation call
  • Signup for your webinar

The best part about using OptinMonster has been how easy it is to quickly create or edit my optins in the visual editing tool, without needing any help from outside designers or developers.

Ryan Robinson,