Remember last week, we shared Yoast’s story of how he doubled his optins. Well in this week’s case-study, we want to show you how one of our customers increased their conversion rate by 300%.

This is the story of Biddyco, a marketing company that helps companies grow by implementing profitable advertising campaigns on social media.

You may be wondering, can a marketing company really benefit from a tool like OptinMonster? Absolutely all business can, and Biddyco definitely did.

Meet Ben Philabaum

Ben is the CEO and Founder of Biddyco. He founded the company because he realized most companies didn’t have the time or the energy to give their social ad campaigns the care and attention needed to convert on a consistent basis.


Ben came across OptinMonster because his company wanted to grow their email marketing list by converting more of their site’s visitors into subscribers.

“As an agency, clients don’t go from visiting your site once and hiring you the next day. It’s a longer sales cycle and relationship building process. One part of that was creating a drip email sequence to demonstrate expertise and educate potential clients so it was important to get more people going through that series.”

By using OptinMonster to catch visitors before they left, they were able to begin a drip marketing campaign through our MailChimp integration.

How Biddyco Used OptinMonster to Increase Conversion by 300%

When Biddyco first started using a conversion optimization software, they didn’t start out with OptinMonster. That’s true for a number of our customers.

But because they wanted a better ROI, they decided to try out OptinMonster. In one month, their conversion increased by 300% — yes, they tripled their conversion rate in just 30 days.

How did they achieve such wonderful results? To begin, they decided to use OptinMonster’s Exit Intent technology.

They were worried at first to use popups, fearing they would be detrimental.

However, they soon found that using OptinMonster allowed them to capture valuable leads that otherwise would’ve been lost. Instead of being a detriment to business, OptinMonster increased their business.

Biddyco Exit Intent Popup - OptinMonster

One of the reasons Ben at Biddyco has such great success was their use of A/B Testing. For Ben, testing out what works and what doesn’t work brings the joy of discovery.

By using OptinMonster, he was able to accomplish this quite easily, and make adjustments as he went along (see: 8 A/B testing tips you can implement in your popup).

When we asked him, does he have any advice to those considering OptinMonster?

“Within 1 month of setting up OptinMonster, our conversion rate of visitors to email subscribers shot up from 2.1% to 6.5%! I just wish we had signed up sooner!”

If you want to be able to triple your conversions in a month, get started with OptinMonster today!