Is self-hosting your optins slowing down your site? LonerWolf faced a lose-lose situation: have a faster site and make fewer optins (and get fewer leads), or make more optins and have a slower site (and still get fewer leads). See how LonerWolf used OptinMonster to win-win-WIN on their optins, site speed, and conversions.

Meet LonerWolf offers original content on personal discovery, emotional self-help, and spiritual awakening. “We are deeply drawn to helping those who are feeling alone become empowered, healed, and inspired,” site owners Aletheia Luna and Mateo Sol told us.

LonerWolf Home Page

Before OptinMonster

LonerWolf has articles, ebooks, lead magnets, an email newsletter, and a free, 5-day email course that drive traffic and engagement throughout the site. Sol said that using the self-hosted plugin ThriveLeads worked in the beginning, but once their website and traffic began to grow, so did their number of optin campaigns.

Then, bugs and lags in their database queries grew, too. ?

“Our ThriveLeads table grew to 1GB over a single month period, so we decided to move away to a SaaS alternative. OptinMonster was the perfect match, and we felt we could trust it, due to the quality and positive support experiences we had with some of the other plugins from the same team.”

How LonerWolf Uses OptinMonster

Right away, LonerWolf saw a decrease in load time and bounce rate after implementing OptinMonster. That’s a win in itself, right? Their website works again!

But of course, Luna and Sol couldn’t stop there—they’d been wanting to do more from the start!

“We doubled our conversions quite quickly! This was mainly due to how easy we found it to create additional popups in OptinMonster’s campaign builder. With previous software this would take us hours, and that put us off from designing too many optin forms.”

They got particularly creative on their Freebies page by offering a list of free ebooks, each in its own inline campaign:

LonerWolf Freebie Page

When a visitor comes to the page, it doesn’t feel like a pile of popups vying for your attention. Instead, it’s like a bulk candy store where you can grab one of everything—and it’s all free!

The best part for LonerWolf? It converts like WILD. Every one of these optins has a conversion rate of 10-13%!

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LonerWolf saw amazing results from other campaigns on their site, too, by using a variety of optin styles and targeting features:

  • LonerWolf converted 35.68% of the visitors to their Email Course informational page using an inline campaign
  • LonerWolf turned 48% of the visitors on the “Start Here” page into newsletter subscribers
  • LonerWolf captured over 4600 leads using a floating bar campaign and mobile device targeting


LonerWolf originally turned to OptinMonster as a solution to speed up their site and gain more flexibility in creating and managing their optin campaigns. They got all that and more, converting thousands of visitors into subscribers by using simple, clean designs, strategic device targeting, and placing inline campaigns as calls to action on informational pages.

“OptinMonster is an easy to use, powerful conversion engine with infinite flexibility thanks to its feature-packed builder.”
Mateo Sol, Owner,