How RazorSocial Increased Conversions by 520% Using Content Upgrades

What if you could leverage your existing content to increase your conversions by 10%, 50%, or even 200%? It is possible, and you don’t even have to spend lots of time or money creating new lead magnets to do it. In this case study, we’re going to show you how RazorSocial increased conversions by over 520% …

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What if you could leverage your existing content to increase your conversions by 10%, 50%, or even 200%? It is possible, and you don’t even have to spend lots of time or money creating new lead magnets to do it.

In this case study, we’re going to show you how RazorSocial increased conversions by over 520% using content upgrades. They did it by leveraging the existing content their readers were already reading and sharing.

Meet Razor Social

RazorSocial provides online training to help companies build a profitable marketing engine using social media and content marketing.

Creating detailed blog content focused around a specific idea drives traffic. Those blog posts give RazorSocial an opportunity to convince people to join their email list.

They then build out sales funnels to encourage those subscribers to become customers over time.

RazorSocial generates customers mainly through their email marketing list, so ensuring their offers convert well is very important.

How RazorSocial Uses Content Upgrades

The first thing RazorSocial did when they started using OptinMonster was to add a lightbox optin with exit-intent enabled.

RazorSocial uses Ontraport as their marketing automation tool which works perfectly with OptinMonster using our Custom HTML Form integration.

The optin below was created using the Bullseye theme.

RazorSocial uses content upgrades with an exit-intent lightbox to increase conversions.

This popup converts 155% more than previous popups they’ve used.

That was a great increase, but they weren’t done yet!

Next, they created content upgrades within several posts offering a PDF download of the post.

A content upgrade is a bonus offered to readers who subscribe. Most often, these bonuses are offered within the content itself. Content upgrades are easy to implement using OptinMonster’s MonsterLinks.

An example of a recent post using a content upgrade is the Social Media Analytics Compass.  It helps people understand the analytics needed to monitor social media effectively.  On this post alone, RazorSocial got over 350 email subscribers.

In the example below, clicking “Download the PDF Version” launches a popup using MonsterLink.

Content upgrades on the RazorSocial website convert at least 10% of each post’s readers.

This particular post is converting at 44%!

RazorSocial offered this content upgrade within a post using OptinMonster's Monster Links

The link in the article launches the optin below.

Clicking on the MonsterLink triggers the lightbox optin.

RazorSocial uses content upgrades with other posts, such as the Rocket formula for social media campaigns, with similar results.  In fact content upgrades are working so well, they are now rolling out upgrades for every post.

RazorSocial immediately saw an increase in conversions of over 155% when using an exit-intent optin.

By adding content upgrades they achieved more than a 520% increase in conversions!

RazorSocial also split tests their optins because it is so easy to do.  In fact, they always have a split testing running!

They advise others to do what they do: Start off with 2 completely different optins. Pick the best performing optin and start varying its content, calls to action, colors, etc. in further split tests.


OptinMonster is changing how RazorSocial does business. Before using OptinMonster, conversion rates were so low they were reluctant to spend money on Facebook ads which would create additional traffic that simply wouldn’t convert. After using OptinMonster, they are now confidently investing in Facebook Ads to drive people to their valuable content.

  • Razor Social increased conversions 155% using an exit-intent optin
  • Razor Social added content upgrades and increased conversions an amazing 520%
  • Razor Social’s targeted content upgrades convert between 10%-40% of readers


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There are so many things I like about OptinMonster.  The design is beautiful. It is easy to use and it has made us a lot of money!  Buying OptinMonster is an investment in your business because you will make a lot more money than it costs.

I also like that OptinMonster are continuously improving their technology so I get regular updates.  They are consistently rolling out awesome features and it’s hard to find a good competitor to them.

Their team is also awesome which is great when you need some help.

Ian Cleary, RazorSocial

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