Exit-Intent® Popup Examples—OptinMonster Gallery

Exit-Intent® Popup Examples—OptinMonster Gallery

OptinMonster’s exit-intent technology lets you convert abandoning website visitors into subscribers and customers. You can combine Exit-Intent with Popups or Full Screen Welcome Gates. Customers often ask us for exit-intent popup examples, so we’ve created this exit-intent popup gallery to showcase some of the best examples from our customers.

You’ll find examples of the best exit-intent popups that can be created inside OptinMonster using our fully customizable templates. And never fear, if there isn’t a template for it, you can create custom popups with our unique Canvas technology in our drag & drop builder.

What Is Exit-Intent®?

Exit-intent® technology is behavioral technology that tracks and monitors the movement of your website visitors and detects when they’re going to leave your site without making a purchase or leaving their information. These campaigns help reduce cart abandonment and capture more leads.

When you consider that 70% of your visitors are going to leave and never come back, it’s vital that you try to capture them with a targeted marketing message before they go.

With this much traffic leaving your site without taking action, roughly 95%–98% of your marketing efforts are going to waste. This means that you’re losing a lot more money getting new customers than you need to.

With exit-intent technology, however, you can grab an additional 2–4% of your visitors, turning them into email subscribers and paying customers.

So, what can an exit-intent popup do for your business? See our case studies for examples:

As you can see from our case studies, exit-intent technology works great for eCommerce. In fact, one of the most common use cases of exit-intent technology is to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions using an exit-intent popup.

Think about it…

Your checkout page is the last step of an eCommerce conversion. The folks who make it this far are high-value users. With an exit-intent popup, you can show targeted campaigns to the visitor:

  • An invitation to chat with a support agent
  • A special discount offer to encourage an on-the-spot purchase
  • An invitation to download your lead-magnet by joining your email list

So, what about content marketing and lead generation? You better believe that OptinMonster’s exit-intent technology helps you grow your email list and get more free-trial signups.

Typically, when a visitor is done reading your content, they bounce. But, with exit-intent popups, you can show targeted campaigns:

  • Download a free ebook or case study
  • Sign up for a free product trial
  • Book a free consultation call
  • Signup for your webinar

Our publisher customers are seeing, on average, a 200–600% increase in email signups when they use exit-intent along with their content marketing efforts.

Once you’ve captured a visitor’s email address you can use marketing automation and an email autoresponder to convert these new subscribers into loyal customers. Easy peasy!

Check out the inspirational exit-intent popup examples in our gallery above, or see our fullscreen welcome mat optin examples and mobile optin examples for more ideas.

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