Estate Theme Collection + New Integration with Klaviyo and Eloqua

Last week, we announced our webhook integration that allowed you to connect OptinMonster with over 500+ providers using Zapier. This brought up some concerns from users that we might stop building native integrations altogether. That’ll never be the case. Our goal is to allow users to connect OptinMonster with their favorite services. Today, I’m excited ... Continue Reading →

Introducing Timezone and Device Targeting for OptinMonster

This past week, we quietly rolled out two very powerful targeting features inside OptinMonster to help you further boost your conversions. The best customer reaction to summarize these new features: “…OptinMonster can do that? Woah, I didn’t know that”. Timezone Targeting In OptinMonster 3.0, we added a date/time rule that allowed you to schedule your ... Continue Reading →

Site Sorting is Now Live in OptinMonster Dashboard

This week, we rolled out a minor but highly requested update to OptinMonster. It’s the Site Sorting option. A lot of you use OptinMonster on multiple websites. If you’re like me and have multiple campaigns and A/B tests, then it becomes extremely hard to find the one that you’re looking for. The new site sorting ... Continue Reading →