Are you wondering how exit-intent popups can help you recapture abandoning visitors? In this case study we’ll find out how effectively recapturing visitors can turn them into instant customers.

Meet Fastrack

Oliver Braithwaite is the Lead SEO Consultant at Fastrack, a technology and digital marketing agency that focuses on the hotel and travel industry.

For more than 16 years Fastrack has been exclusively focused on helping hospitality, travel and tourism businesses of all types and sizes generate more direct bookings and revenue via smart, data-driven digital marketing and targeted media.

For clients, Oliver uses popups for three main purposes:

  1. Deliver a “book direct” message inviting visitors to book a room when they first arrive on a hotel’s website;
  2. Capture leads when users visit content pages such as the blog; and
  3. Save abandoning visitors who have started but not yet completed booking a hotel room.

A “book direct” message is important in the accommodation industry because many people search websites like Expedia and first. They then visit the hotel’s website to see what better offer they can get.

Using a popup is a great way to win the customer with a great offer.

Big4 Holiday Booking Website

The Importance of Targeting Campaigns to Your Specific Audience

For Oliver, the number one concern of clients when he suggests using popups in their hotel’s book direct campaign is that the popups will negatively affect user experience and engagement.

He hasn’t encountered a single hotel website where users have engaged less after the launch of popups. This is because they are delivering a message that users really care about and therefore are happy to have seen the popup.

Another case study from Brendan Hufford also demonstrates the power of targeted offers, where they doubled their conversions using content upgrades.

53% of Abandoning Visitors Recovered with Exit-Intent®

Oliver created an exit-intent popup using one of our pre-designed templates called Entice.

With the Entice template, he added a custom image of the website’s loyalty club signage. He also took advantage of how OptinMonster allows you to easily customize our pre-built templates to reposition the image in the upper left-hand corner of the optin.

The value proposition in the optin is clear and easy to read, offering a limited-time discount when visitors sign up for the loyalty club.

It’s super easy to add buttons to your campaign with our drag-and-drop builder, which is what Oliver’s done. The button in his popup applies the coupon code immediately for the visitor when selected and records the results using our conversion analytics powered by Google Analytics.

Immediately, this optin began converting at over 50%!

Fastrack Group Exit-Intent Optin

As easy as that, they were recovering more than half of abandoning website visitors by creating a simple exit-intent optin which takes only minutes to create.


Oliver added a single targeted exit-intent optin to his client’s website offering a coupon when booking a hotel room. With this popup, 53% of abandoning visitors clicked on the button to receive the discount.


Effective campaigns don’t need to be overly complicated to return significant results.

Start converting abandoning website visitors with an exit-intent popup in just a few minutes with a targeted offer.

For many of our clients, the use of OptinMonster pop-ups as part of an integrated book direct campaign has produced dramatic increases in conversion rate, bookings and revenue. Results vary, but we regularly see increases in conversion rate of 10-30% from the moment the campaign, including the pop-ups, is launched.

Oliver Braithwaite