Are you having trouble getting visitors to sign up for your free trials? Are visitors simply leaving your website without signing up? It doesn’t have to be that way! In this case study, we’ll discover how Hubstaff used OptinMonster to increase signups by 21%.

Meet Hubstaff

Hubstaff builds time tracking, talent, and project management software that helps businesses track their productivity. Its 40-person team is 100% remote.

Hubstaff uses OptinMonster to increase free trial signups 21%

Dave Nevogt from Hubstaff talked with us about how they’re using OptinMonster to increase free trial signups.

How Hubstaff Uses OptinMonster

Before using OptinMonster, Hubstaff didn’t have a good way to track their conversion rates so they were never sure if their campaigns were achieving the results they wanted. Dave brought OptinMonster onboard with three goals in mind:

  • Build and test conversion tactics on their blog
  • Personalize campaigns to visitors
  • Figure out which of their campaigns were most effective

One of Hubstaff’s first campaigns used OptinMonster’s exit-intent technology to turn abandoning visitors into free trial signups. OptinMonster’s exit intent technology detects when users are about to leave a page, and targets them with a customized campaign.

In addition to exit intent, Hubstaff used time display control to focus visitor’s attention at the perfect moment. They added a rule to have the popup display after a visitor has been on their site for at least 10 seconds.

Hubstaff also used OptinMonster’s Yes/No feature to warm up their leads before asking them for any of their contact information. They edited the “Yes” button to read, “YES, I WANT BETTER PRODUCTIVITY,” and the “No” button to read, “I PREFER THE MONEY PIT.”

this optin converts 7.12%

Yes/No campaigns are one of our most popular campaign types because they significantly increase conversions thanks to the psychological principle called the Zeigarnik Effect.

The Zeigarnik Effect tells us that people have a strong desire to complete things. So, once they start a task, they are more driven to complete it.

Hubstaff converted 7.12% of abandoning visitors into free trial signups with this campaign.

Next, Hubstaff used a popup optin to get visitors to sign up for their Blog Improvement lead magnet. Once users sign up, they’re greeted with a customized message letting them know that the tracking sheet is being emailed.

Hubstaff had a staggering 100% conversion rate with this campaign!

Finally, Hubstaff used OptinMonster’s A/B split testing tool to figure out which popup converted best.

They changed obvious campaign elements like layout and images, as well as making pretty substantial changes to the campaign copy. The text on the Yes/No buttons is also different.

this optin converts 21.81%

With their split-tested campaign, Hubstaff converted 21.81% of visitors to free trials.

Hubstaff isn’t the only company that uses A/B split testing to increase conversion rates. was able to increase their conversion rate from 5% to 16% using A/B testing and a single popup.


  • Hubstaff turned 7.12% of abandoning visitors into free trials with exit intent.
  • Hubstaff captured 100% of visitors for their Blog Improvement lead magnet.
  • Hubstaff converted 21.81% of targeted visitors into free trials.


Growing your business doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. Use OptinMonster to capture more abandoning visitors, personalize campaigns, and figure out which campaign is most effective.

Optinmonster allows us to quickly build, review, and publish tests on our blog site, which allows us to learn and improve faster.
Dave Nevogt, Co-Founder at Hubstaff