Are you a start up company eager to learn more about your customers but need help figuring out what content and offers work best? In this case study, we’ll learn about how discovered what kind of content and offers their visitors want, and how they increased their conversion rate from 5% to 16% using A/B Testing and a single popup from OptinMonster.

Meet specializes in email design and provides an easy to use, flexible drag and drop email editor that produces high quality responsive email HTML. This powerful tool improves collaboration throughout the email template creation and content management process. doubles conversion rate using Exit-Intent and Yes/No Forms by OptinMonster’s ultimate goal during their beta stage was to grow their email list to nurture subscribers until they signed up to try the application.

However, the results were not what they expected, since the process proved to be too long and complex. They needed to increase the number of email subscribers and convert them into users in a much shorter amount of time.

How Uses OptinMonster pivoted in a new direction and chose a different goal: convert site visitors into application users directly from a popup. But first, they needed to gain a clearer picture of who their visitors were and what site content and offers generated the most traffic.

The key to’s success was in taking the time to better understand who their site’s visitors were, what they liked and didn’t like as they combed through their site.

OptinMonster’s A/B Split Testing feature made that easy. They were able to quickly create a split test using anything from different content, layouts, styles, and campaign triggers. OptinMonster provided all the stats they needed to take action from there.

Give Visitors a Choice Before They Go used OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent Technology, a popular tool that grabs a visitor’s attention and triggers a targeted offer at just the right time. doubles conversion rate using Exit-Intent and Yes/No Forms by OptinMonster

In this case, a popup is set to appear on screen as a user motions with their mouse to the top of their browser to either close or switch to another tab. Visitors can then choose what action they’d like to take next – for, visitors can choose to get a free subscription to their service or decline all together by using our popular Yes/No Forms. isn’t the only company to benefit from targeted campaigns like this. Other OptinMonster users have seen similar results. For example, boosted monthly sales of their software 10%. ClickBank used OptinMonster to recover 32.67% of abandoning visitors, increasing sales of ClickBank University over 100%.’s conversion rate increased from 5% to 16% after using OptinMonster’s Exit-Intent technology, our Yes/No Forms and changing the details to best cater to site visitors. This success was all due to their extensive testing and the results provided to them by OptinMonster’s A/B Testing feature.

Results used OptinMonster to better understand who their visitors are and help convert them into app users based on extensive testing and trend tracking.

  • increased their conversion rate from 5% to 16% by using OptinMonster popups.
  • 18% of’s overall users come from OptinMonster popups.


Success starts with understanding who your customers are and what they’re looking for. By using OptinMonster’s powerful A/B Testing feature, determined what content and offers worked best for them. And with our Exit-Intent Technology and Yes/No Forms, they were able to convert visitors into full-fledged users quickly and efficiently with just a simple popup campaign.

We had many A/B tests and OptinMonster did a great job managing them. We improved from 5% to 16% conversion rate from a single pop-up with changing the offers, rules, targeting, etc. Around 18% of our users come from Optinmonster pop-ups!

Lucia Pascuttini, Marketing Fairy,