Would you like to turn your abandoning users into enthusiastic sales? In this case study, we’ll show you how one company in the Netherlands used our yes/no optins to do just that, while increasing their optin rate by 250%!

Meet Jacko Meijaard

Jacko Meijaard Uses Yes/No OptinsJacko Meijaard is a 24-year-old affiliate marketer who teaches budding entrepreneurs how to make money online at Internet Succes Gids.nl.

After finding success selling affiliate products–with no technical know-how, or even completing his education–Jacko started the site to teach others how to do the same.

He now offers a top-selling video training course on the site.

How Jacko Boosted His Optin Rate by 250%

InternetSuccesGid uses an OptinMonster sidebar optin

Before using OptinMonster, Jacko was sending his visitors to a single page on his site dedicated to collecting email subscribers. He collected about 20 subscribers per day this way.

However, he thought this method created too much friction for the reader, since they had to leave the page they had been reading in order to subscribe. Jacko knew that if he could simplify the process of subscribing, his daily optin numbers would increase.

So, Jacko started by installing a sidebar optin with one of our our pre-designed templates, “Postal.”

After seeing success with that sidebar optin, he added more optins.

First, he added a fullscreen welcome gate.

Fullscreen Welcome Gate with Yes/No Buttons

Then, he added an exit intent pop-up that appears as the user is about to abandon the site.

Exit-Intent Pop-Up with Yes/No Buttons

His daily email subscriptions have increased from 20 subscribers to approx. 50 subscribers, or 1500 new subscribers per month.

That’s a 250% increase! But Jacko didn’t stop there…

How Jacko Recovered 24% of Abandoning Leads & Skyrocketed Sales

It’s not just his email subscriptions that have increased since using OptinMonster. Jacko’s sales have increased too (big time).

Earlier this year, Jacko set up an exit-intent pop-up on his video course sales page. In the pop-up, he offered a 7-day free trial of the course to those who were about to leave without purchasing.

Here’s what that pop-up looked like:

InternetSuccesGid Uses a Yes/No Optin

24% of abandoning visitors opted in for the free trial. During the free trial, Jacko offered the opportunity to purchase the full course.

He says, “Sales have skyrocketed! People are already in the ‘sales mood’ and are much more likely to upgrade directly.”

Jacko’s Favorite Type of Optin

Jacko says that his yes/no optins (optins that have two buttons: one to opt in, and one to opt out) convert better than all of the other optin types on his site. It doesn’t surprise us that he got such great results, since a well-worded yes/no optin forces readers to confront the consequences of choosing “no”.

Jacko said, “If you’re looking for an easy way to grow your mailing list and increase your sales, I definitely encourage using OptinMonster. It has doubled my opt-ins and skyrocketed my sales.”

Are you ready to boost your optin rate, recover abandoning leads and make more sales? Get started using OptinMonster today.