Are you relying on timed popups to get sign ups for your email list but are worried that they affect your user experience? Learn how author and dating expert Neil Strauss switched used a single exit-intent lightbox to grow his email list and increase conversions by 125%.

Meet Neil Strauss

Neil Strauss is an award-winning journalist and seven-time New York Times bestselling author who rose to fame after publishing The Game and Rules of the Game, where he went undercover in a secretive society of pickup artists.

Neil also runs an elite mastermind for high performing industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers from the technological, entertainment, medical, financial, and self-development worlds called The Society.
Neil Strauss uses OptinMonster to increase conversions 125 percent.

Neil had experimented with popups, but wanted to increase the effectiveness of his lead generation strategy in order to drive growth to his email list.

How Uses Exit-Intent Lightbox Optins

Before using OptinMonster, Neil was using a timed popup from NinjaPopups to generate email list subscriptions:

Neil Strauss lightbox optin before using OptinMonster converted only 4 percent of visitors.

When a visitor had been on a page for at least three seconds, the optin above would appear. For 4% of readers, the optin was enticing enough to convince them to submit their email address. The other 96% were annoyed by the intrusion and dismissed the NinjaPopup optin.

Based on the advice of SEO expert Stephan Spencer, Neil registered for OptinMonster and adjusted the copy of the optin to increase engagement.

The new optin focuses more on the benefits the member receives by joining the Inner Circle. The image is also more personable, featuring Neil smiling straight at the viewer, with his son in his lap.

Neil Strauss' new optin converts 125 percent better than the previous one.

This optin appears only when the visitor attempts to exit the site, using our exit-intent technology. Given that nearly 70% of visitors leave a site without taking any action, it’s worth your time to make one last offer to try to retain as many abandoning visitors as possible!

Neil isn’t the only expert consultant to experience huge conversions after using our exit-intent technology. Ryan Robinson increased the number of subscribers on his list by 500% using exit-intent lightboxes.


After moving to OptinMonster, then changing the optin copy, image, and trigger, Neil saw incredible results:

  • increased conversions 125%.
  • increased his email email list growth by 8%.


Using only a timed trigger made for a clunky user experience and drove away potential leads. After switching from NinjaPopups to OptinMonster, Neil Strauss saw huge improvements in conversions.

By switching to OptinMonster, we were able to boost our conversions 125% and email list growth 8%. At the same time, we delivered an elegant and seamless experience to our users with a less-intrusive lightbox. OptinMonster is a much better fit for our sophisticated brand.
Neil Strauss,