Every marketer knows that retargeting ads are among the highest converting because these visitors have already demonstrated interest in what you’re offering.

What if I tell you that you can get the same benefit without paying Google and Facebook a lot of money in retargeting. It’s called Onsite Retargeting, and that’s exactly what OptinMonster allows you to do.

In this case study, we will show you how Germany’s largest bargain platform, increased their conversion by 2100%.

Meet DealDoktor

DealDoktor.de is one of the largest bargain platforms in Germany owned by TriMeXa GmbH.

They were looking for an effective way to increase subscribers without spending a fortune in retargeting ads.

They had heard about Onsite Retargeting, so they chose OptinMonster because it’s the most comprehensive solution without the high cost.

What is Onsite Retargeting?

The goal of traditional retargeting is to convert window-shoppers into buyers. Why because majority of your website visitors leave your site without making a purchase.

Retargeting keeps track of those visitors and show them relevant ads on other sites like Google, Facebook, etc to bring these users back.

As you can imagine, this process costs money.

OptinMonster’s Onsite Retargeting allows you to convert the visitor into a buyer before they even leave the website. The process uses our signature Exit-Intent technology which detects users mouse behavior and prompts them with a targeted message at the precise moment they’re about to leave.

Usually it’s a popup that asks the visitor to join your email list in exchange for a free gift also known as lead magnet / opt-in bribe.

2100% Increase in Conversions with Onsite Retargeting

DealDoktor added an exit-intent popups using our pre-built Case Study template. This optin was shown to every abandoning website visitor as they moved their mouse cursor towards the browser bar, indicating their intent to leave the site.

DealDoktor.de Used a Lightbox Optin To Collect Leads

The first results were visible immediately. Using exit-intent popups, they increased conversions from about 25 subscriptions per month to 550 per month.

Lightbox Optins Increased Conversions 2100%

That’s an increase of 2100%!

They further tripled their conversion rate by fine tuning their optins.

A simple change like having their logo look towards the email input field encouraged visitors to register. They also gave away Amazon vouchers to all new subscribers each month as an incentive to subscribe.

You can easily do split-testing in OptinMonster to try out different variations for optimizing your conversions.

You can try different content, headlines, layouts, styles, and opt-in triggers, to see what converts best.

All you have to do is click on the split test button, and OptinMonster creates a replica of your existing optin. From there, you can make any changes and tweaks by using our easy form builder and that’s it. OptinMonster’s conversion stats will show which optin has the highest conversion rates.

DealDoktor has been using OptinMonster since the early days when it was just a WordPress plugin. We have since transitioned to being software-as-a-service (SaaS) that can be used on any website.


DealDoktor built engagement with their readers using onsite retargeting and benefited from their smart choices in a huge way.

  • DealDoktor exploded their list by 2100% using onsite retargeting.
  • DealDoktor used to collect only 25 subscribers a month. Using an exit-intent optin, they now average around 550.


Onsite retargeting gives you a second chance to make a relevant offer to your readers. An Exit-Intent optin is the simplest way to get started using onsite retargeting. Give it a try today!

The new OptinMonster with the web back-end is just amazing. With OptinMonster, we found an easy-to-use and very effective way to increase our newsletter subscribers. This tool is worth every penny!