Announcing Fresh Templates, Time-Saving Enhancements, and More!

Are you ready for a ton of exciting news? We sure hope so because this announcement is full of it!

Not only do we have 12 (✨ 12 ✨) new templates for you, including 2 brand-new complete template collections, we’re also coming at you with these updates and improvements:

  • A click-to-call button action that lets visitors call you directly from your optin, proven to increase engagement and revenue.
  • 3 new display rules to make your campaigns even more targeted and better-performing, kicking your conversions into high gear.
  • 2 super cool improvements to the campaign builder that will save you time and effort and keep your campaigns converting faster than ever before.
  • Improved Google Analytics integration to keep you up-to-speed on your campaign performance.

See? When we said “a ton,” we weren’t kidding. Here are all the details…

12 New Professionally-Designed Campaign Templates

Can we be real with you? If you’re a publisher or running a business, you just don’t have the time to spend customizing every last detail of your optin. And, even if you do have a design team, starting out with a beautifully designed template right from the start is only going to save your team time (and save YOU money) in the long run.

Just check out these new designs:

Let Customers Call You at the Tap of a Button

Did you know that 61% of mobile users say being able to call a business to get questions answered quickly is most valuable in the purchase phase? And, now that we can make phone calls anywhere we have internet, being accessible by phone is more than just a mobile feature.

Adding a click-to-call button to your popup campaigns sends a signal to your customers that you’re available and willing to answer their questions. And we’ve made it easier than ever to add this feature to your site.

add click to call button to your campaign

The new Mobile Click-to-Call template is designed to work with this feature. Combine it with our powerful Device-Based Targeting and InactivitySensor™ to skyrocket your mobile conversions and generate more leads.

get more mobile conversions with OptinMonster's click to call mobile popup template

New Displays Rules = New Ways to Target Visitors

We’ve added 3 new display rules that’ll make it even easier for you to fine-tune campaigns and target your users. You can use these rules to create campaigns that target visitors based on the optins they’ve already seen or URLs they’ve already visited.

new display rules

With the Visitor has visited URL path rule you have the option to look for a series of pages or a funnel of pages. This makes it super easy to move your visitors through your sales funnel and, with MonsterChains, even automate your funnel.

Time-Saving Optin Editing Tools

We’re announcing 2 pretty amazing improvements to the campaign builder that you’re going to love.

Automatically Copy Button Styles

You know that glowing effect or complete color change that happens when you hold your mouse over a button? That’s “hover” styling.

And our campaign buttons now come with more subtle hover styling built-in that you can customize by toggling the Customize Button Hover styling setting:

you have several options to design the button hover

Your buttons are a big part of your call-to-action. This change to our campaign builder makes it easier for you to create a great-looking campaign without having to manually configure every single setting.

Import Layout and Design From Another View

We’ve also added an Import Layout tool to our campaign builder that lets you import the design and layout from one view of your campaign to another view.

To use it, go into the view you want to edit and click on the Import Layout button.

import layout button

This will bring up the layout import options available.

import layout options

Let’s click on Import Layout from Optin View and see what happens.

after importing layout

Awesome! Now we can go ahead and add our Yes/No buttons to this view. And, the entire process took less than a minute.

Improved Google Analytics Integration

Our Google Analytics integration has gotten an overhaul! Now the 30-day snapshot that is displayed in your campaign dashboard (what you see when you log in) is more accurate than ever.

updated google analytics integration

What this means to you:

  • Increased stability from the analytics dashboard
  • More reliable and accurate reporting

As part of this update, we’ll start notifying you when your Google Analytics account isn’t working so you can get things worked out as quickly as possible.

That’s all for now, but we have plenty in store for you, so stay tuned. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with the latest feature announcements, tutorials, and conversion optimization tips.

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