NEW Dashboard Features: Re-order Sites and Collapse Status Memory

You asked for it … here it is.

A lot of you requested that we add the ability to re-order sites and save the collapse setting of each tab.

While these are small tweaks, they can go a long way to improve your productivity and save time.

Reorder Sites in Your OptinMonster Dashboard

Now it’s easy to rearrange your sites in whatever order you want. You can put your most-used sites at the top of your list for easy access.

Now you can reorder your sites in the OptinMonster dashboard

Collapse Status Memory

Do you use our expand/collapse feature for your sites?

expand and collapse your optinmonster campaigns

Now OptinMonster will remember exactly how you left your dashboard. You can choose which sites you want expanded or collapsed, and it’ll be just as you left it the next time you log in.

This update goes along with our theme this year of making it easier for agencies and those with multiple websites to manage their OptinMonster campaigns. This year alone we’ve added subaccounts, custom branding, activity logs, and more.

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If you want to check out OptinMonster’s new and improved dashboard for yourself, give OptinMonster a try today to see your conversions skyrocket.

Keri and the OptinMonster Team

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