Floating Bar Examples—OptinMonster Gallery

Floating Bar Examples—OptinMonster Gallery

OptinMonster’s Floating Bar campaigns let you create attractive header or footer bars that stay visible as visitors scroll through your site. The floating bar examples shown above are an excellent way to convert visitors to subscribers and customers without annoying them.

This simple promotional floating bar also works well for highlighting sales, promoting content upgrades, welcoming visitors to your site, highlighting important information, and growing your social following.

You can combine the Floating Bar with our Countdown Timer functionality to create time-sensitive offers that impel visitors to take action now.

This gallery includes some of the best Floating Bar examples we can find to inspire you when creating your own campaigns. You can also create your own unique designs with OptinMonster’s Canvas technology.

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What Is a Floating Bar Campaign?

The Floating Bar is a sticky and very noticeable campaign that locks on to the top or bottom of the web page and stays visible as your visitors scroll. It’s a great way to capture visitors’ attention without disturbing or annoying them.

Why Use Floating Bar Campaigns?

OptinMonster customers show a big boost in email signups when they use our Floating Bar campaigns. In fact, some customers add hundreds of new signups every month with this campaign type.

The Floating Bar campaign type includes several templates that extend its functionality.

Our eCommerce customers use floating bars with a countdown timer to:

  • Highlight sales
  • Showcase seasonal offers
  • Promote time-sensitive offers

Publishers use OptinMonster’s Floating Bar to:

  • Ask people to subscribe to their newsletter on every page of their site
  • Redirect attention to contests, affiliate links, or popular content
  • Promote content upgrades on certain blog posts

This promotional bar also works well to welcome visitors to your site, highlight important information, and grow your social following.